Except this: "Suck my dick, Tony."

Perkins heads up the Family Research Council, an officially designated anti-gay hate group, and like Ted Haggard and George Rekers before him, Tony believes that being gay is a choice. But until Tony proves that being gay is a choice by proving it himself—until Tony puts is willing to put his mouth where his bigotry is and suck my dick—I have nothing to say to Tony Perkins except "bawk, bawk, bawk."

Anyway, last week Tony attacked the It Gets Better Project, called me a bigot, condemned the president for making an It Gets Better video (last October!), and accused me and everyone who has taken part in the IGBP of "recruiting" kids into a "perverted" lifestyle." Because being gay is choice you can convince someone to make. I didn't respond because 1. I was on vacation and 2. I have nothing to say to Tony Perkins except, "Suck my dick, Tony." But America's leading non-NALT—John Shore—responded to Tony Perkins at length on his blog and, gee, I'm just going to step aside out of the way here...

This animal. This cretin. This travesty. This demon. This parasite. This blight. This twisted purveyor of evil. This insidious enemy of everything for which Christ stood. This sickening mule. This heartless charlatan. This shameless huckster. This vile opportunist. This creator of human suffering. This trafficker in pain. This braying bully. This puffing affront to decency.

This preening, flag-waving goon.

This grinning, slavering creature who, in exchange for money, induces children to commit suicide.

This odorous, rotten chum pretending he’s nourishment.

This lover of hate.

If you’re a Christian who actually understands and cares about Christ, please tell anyone who will listen that Tony Perkins is to Christianity what a slimy, chewing worm is to a perfectly wonderful apple.

Proving he's a much better man than I—and a much better Christian than Tony—John ends his post with this:

For the next week or so I’ll make a point of sincerely including Tony Perkins in my morning prayers. Consider joining me in that, if you will. For surely no heart in the world more than Tony Perkins’ could benefit from the delivery into the fiery pit of its toxicity and rage the uplifting, healing message that it gets better.

If he couldn’t hear it from Dan Savage, maybe he’ll hear it from God himself.

Go read the whole thing.