Absolutely fantastic. Tony Perkins cannot suck my dick; I want that corrupted, filthy, contaminated orifice anywhere near my cock. He can, however, kiss my shovel when it approaches his face at high speed.
um, double negative? wouldn't shore be "america's leading NALT"? a non-NALT, i would think, would be someone like perkins. anyway. shore is wonderful. one of the (very) few christians i can not only tolerate, but enjoy. mostly. (cuz christianity is still stupid, in my opinion, even if you're not one of the douchebaggy christians.)
@2 - NALT has usually meant the people whose only response to Dan Savage is to say "Hey now, Dan. That's not nice. We're not all like that." A non-NALT, I assume, would be someone who says more than that and to more than just Dan.
Dan Savage, I love reading your pieces. And I equally enjoy John Shore's snarky non-judgemental Christianity. I myself am a progressive Christian and John really helped me to overcome a lot of the issues I had with my religion. SO nice to see the two of you playing of eachother. So nice.
From the full John Shore post: "It’s like at some level I just didn’t care about Tony Perkins and his pathetic letter."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Why don't we just treat these "Christians" like we're supposed to treat all bullies - just ignore them and eventually they'll go away
And I once thought Tony Perkins was sexy, god help me.
Hey, now. The odorous, rotten chum community takes issue here.
You've triggered a senior moment for me - reading your rejoinder I remembered that when you won the Webby, your line was "suck my dick, so and so". Who was the so and so? I actually was watching online at the time. I can picture you, in some sort of non-IGBP slogan t of some kind. Beyond that, nothing.

This is one of those Alzeheimer's tests for me. Let your memory spit it out, Gus.
I do like that prose, but I feel obligated to point out, in response to the notion that "Tony Perkins is to Christianity what a slimy, chewing worm is to a perfectly wonderful apple" that you typically find worms in, you know, rotten, inedible apples. With holes in them. Worm holes. Worm holes that anyone who bothers to look would see, and then not eat the apple.

I mean, the worm is still the worst part of that apple, for sure, but really it's exactly the kind of apple where you'd expect to find worms. Maybe there are still a couple good bites left on there, but mostly it's just bad.

But anyway seems like John Shore is being a pretty cool dude at this time.
i vote we rinse tony perkins mouth with scotch bonnet hot sauce every time he opens it.
Oh c'mon, Dan, it may sound nice, but you know being stupid enough to believe there's a magic man in the sky who grants wishes doesn't make someone a better man than you. It just means they're dumber than you.
@8, it was "Tracey Morgan can suck my ..."
I've heard rumors that Tony Perkins is a Psycho.
I live in Tony Perkins habitat. He is an odious snake, pure and simple.

When one of the local TV stations aired commercials featuring him promoting a father/daughter purity ball, I wrote to them telling them that I thought their choice to air a commercial featuring the leader of a hate group was reprehensible, and that I would no longer watch their station or patronize any of their advertisers. And I've stuck to that.

I'm a Christian. Tony Perkins wouldn't consider me one, of course, because 1) I don't have a literal viewpoint on the Bible and 2) I believe in equality for all, including women and scary, scary gay folks.

I, too, will pray for Tony Perkins. Because as odious as he is, God even loves him. I will pray that he learns to see everyone as a Child of God, worth of dignity, respect, and equality.
Groan. Thanks, moosefan. Usually my mind is a steel trap for ephemera like that.
@3 - ah yes. that makes sense. thanks, mac.
Awesome response from John Shore!
@13 The fact that this asshole is named Tony Perkins never, ever ceases to amuse me. Glad I'm not the only one.
My God is better than your God blah, blah, fucking blah....It won't be long before they're killing each other here like they've always done everywhere else.
Yeah, but he was awesome in Pretty Poison.
Yeah, Dan. I'm not a better man than you. I'm just dumber than you!

Wait ...
aw, hell yeah...
preening flag-waving goon. Thank you, Mr. Shore. The best epithet EVER!
"homosexual extremist" *chortle*

He needs to take it one step further and get fucked. Double meaning very much intended.
Does anyone doubt that Tony Perkins is gay, gay GAY???

Just like all scratching, clawing & screaching homophobes, he thinks people won't notice what he is if he stabs gays in the back. Tony--you're just a bit too obvious, c'mon out now & suck Dan's dick know you'll like it!
I cannot help but think that John Shore's post is full of all of the same venom and self-righteousness that so offends us in the posts of homophobes. The only difference is that his target actually did something to offend.

Not saying that J. Shore is as bad as Perkins. Just saying we can do better than this.

Oh, and do please remember that Mr. Perkins would have to not only perform the sexual act but enjoy it in order for it to count. I believe the term was "maintain a glass-cutting erection."
DRF, John Shore is a wonderful writer, one who makes me really feel better about the world, about Christians, and about people in general. I'm glad he wrote that post on Mr Perkins. Here's another quotation from Mr Shore's blog:

It’s perfectly okay with God if a person is gay or lesbian. Not a problem. If you think being gay is wrong because the Bible says it’s wrong, learn more about those passages in the Bible. Because if you don’t, and you cling to your misinformed bigotry, then you’re purposefully and consciously choosing lazy, hateful prejudice over simple truthful righteousness. And you’re better than that.

What Mr Shore did in that post was to let out the feeling of anger that consumed him upon reading the e-mail Mr Perkins sent around. Remember that it is not meant as rational argumentation about Mr Perkins in any way, but as a clear outlet of emotion, as he himself explained in that post. See his sincere plea for praying for Mr Perkins, that he may hear the truth from god, if not from Dan Savage. This is certainly something we could all support, I am sure.

Emotions aren't right or wrong, they simply are.
Mr. Shore, you're not dumb. Ignore that comment, which was vitriolic and unnecessary.

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