It's becoming clear to me that the sex advice you give is either from Wikipedia or something you have no personal experience with, which I think is very dangerous for your naive readers. Case in point: your advice to your 20-year-old gay male reader who didn't know who to satisfy his foot fetish boyfriend.

I'm not a foot fetish person per se but I did date a guy with a foot fetish and there were some things that just come natural with foot sex, things like dipping my toes in chocoalate and having him lick it off, or laying on my back while I twisted his nipples with my toes, or me giving him a sensual facial foot massage with my toes and my feet, make sure to hit the eye sockets and eyebrows. (They fuckin love that.) And especially, no one ever told me to stretch my legs out beforehand because my legs and calves would cramp after giving my man an Olympic-style foot job. I'll give you props for knowing that one—sitting on the edge of the bed with him laying underneath you, while you jack him off with you feet—but the trick is to have one foot behind the penis to hold it up and to have the other foot to rub the base of the penis until he blows his load.

I've seen some really shitty foot fetish porn where there lick each other's toes for the first minute of the porn and then continue to fuck each other's brains out where no other real foot sex acts are to be found in the rest of the movie. This is how I would equate your advice lately. Either start living your life or start finding more viable sources for your sex information advice.

Sleepless In San Francisco

Thanks for the tips, SISF, and I'll pass 'em along to SOLE, the kid who wrote seeking pointers on how to satisfy his boyfriend, a tongue-tied foot fetishist who was having a hard time opening up about what he wants. But however lame, useless, or inept my advice for SOLE might have been—and I yanked that advice out of my ass, thank you very much, not out of Wikipedia's foot fetish article—it can hardly be described as dangerous. I'm rereading my advice for SOLE right now and I simply can't see how the intersection of my advice and a reader's naïveté could possibly result in SOLE or his boyfriend getting hurt.

But I will try to suck less in the future.

Some more thoughts for SOLE from a foot fetishist—along with a Whitman's Sampler of foot fetish links—after the jump.

I read your advice to the 20-year-old gay boy who wants to satisfy his boyfriend with a "foot job." Your advice was pretty good but you forgot to mention another aspect to the foot fetish kink: tickling. Tickling and tickle torture are a pretty common interest among foot fetishists. There are many sites devoted to them right along with all the sites that cover sucking, sniffing, socks, bare feet, trampling, and crushing. I think of foot fetishism like a tree: it starts off pretty basic but then branches out into all sorts of different areas. There are guys who like bare feet only and then there are guys who only like guys to wear a certain type of sock, i.e. black, OTC, sheer, athletic. You get the picture. It's pretty endless.

Anyhow, Dan, keep up the good work informing the people about all things sexual.


P.S. Here are some good sites for that kid to look up:,,,, and YouTube has plenty of foot fetish videos.

Thanks for sharing, TOPTICKLER, and before anyone writes: yes, I know that foot fetishists and footy pervs are two different things. But it made for a nice headline.