How did you play ME2? It's got a cover system that seems pretty critical to survival.

Were you playing on easy?
Egyptian Theatre has Scott Pilgrim at midnight Friday and Saturday. Is that smart PAX booking or accidental?
I think I'd rather hang out with women paid to give me cookies instead of women paid to be sexy in my vicinity. There's more cookies and less skeeviness involved.
The booth Grammas were awesome.

And, you should totally bold the Turn off 3G on your phone line.
@tomma The Gears-iness is that leaping over cover and hopping from cover to cover is built into the controls. Was that in ME2? It is possible we were high. And on easy.

@TheMisanthrope Yes, and yes! Done.
I wish I had contrived a way to be out of town this weekend so it would be easier to pretend I wasn't missing PAX.
n00b here. Plz explain "turn off 3G on your phone".
Passes sold out before you got there, balderdash?

A friend of mine tells me that traditional booth babes are not allowed at PAX unless they have been trained/educated about the game they are promoting, and even then skimpy costumes are only allowed if they're cosplaying as someone who is actually in said game. He saw a batch of scantily clad women promoting an energy drink get tossed out.

... now he had better bring me some damn good swag or we're re-evaluating the "friend" bit.
The nerd receiving his cookie in the picture is cute.

For the record.
@8 If you don't turn off 3G on your phone, chances are your phone will be dead in a handful of minutes (exaggeration, but I went from full battery to 1/4 without using the phone by 6pm.

@10 The booth babes were from Nos. I frequented the booth because of the free samples of the drink (I think Nos is the only non-lo-carb/non-diet energy drink that has a decent flavor). Everybody else had booth babes, but they generally seemed pretty well on point on their scripts, and none of them wore traditional booth babe spandex and short short gear. I kind of appreciated the ones that dressed up like Joker (love that Joker). While sitting outside of Omegathon Round 2 (which was less exciting than the Double Dash Round 1), an Enforcer informed us of their expulsion, and said the booth might actually be gone today, but did not go into details. Being somebody who was more into the enforcer than the booth babes, I admitted that all I wanted was the energy drink.
You guys are so cute (and I mean that sincerely).

Meanwhile, I went to the Christian gamer afterparty at Sole Repair last night with Cienna and Paul, got in an argument with a God-squader about gay rights, and am still very, very angry AND have a hangover. I did, however, dance with the guy dressed as a (really very hot) Jesus, and it turned out he was a nonbeliever, so that was satisfying.

Cienna will have a full report and photos, which I can't wait to see.

Was Round 2 the bananagrams rounds? I thought it was pretty exciting, but then I like word games.

(Related, I also like the Word Fighter game in the Pax 10. I say check it out.)
SotC and ICO were fantastic games and very worth looking into when the collection comes out.
Plus, Borders had iOS, Objective C and iPhone books at 50 pct off, so my plans for World Cthulhu Domination on the iPhone and iPad with Kthulhu Kitchen (tm) standalone apps continue apace.

Booth Babes with Cthulhu Fuzzy Dice ftw!
@12 for the Airplane Mode or it didn't happen motor boating second place
Stranger staffers don't seem to have a problem with strip clubs or sexworkers in general, but you have a problem with booth babes? Maybe I'm overgeneralizing here, but it seems kinda hypocritical.
@18 Booth Babes take the work of hot geek girls. Get the geek girls out, and they're so much hotter than the booth babes. Of course, I have whiplash from the multitude of hot nerds.

Also, what booth has Shadow of the Colossus? I couldn't find it today, mainly due to the time suck of the FFXIII-2 line.

@14 Yes, Round 2 was Bananagrams. I have nothing against the game, but hearing the audience go wild over the suck of the blue turtle and the impatience of a driver not using star was electric. The block game was also genius.
Hi everybody! Don't forget this Wednesday:…

I'm making sure Mary's going to be there (speaking of hot geek girls)...
@11 Agreed. Plus, he suggested we could "bob for cookies." Alert the Savage Euphemization Squad!

@14 Word Fighter did look awesome, but we didn't have time to test it.

@19 Sorry, the Shadows, etc. event was a press-only thing that (in our opinion) should not have been press-only.

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