I love this post. Cienna, I take back all the horrible things I say about you behind your back, and a few of the things I've probably said to your face.
"Hold Fast" is the clan MacLeod motto.

"This originates from Malcolm the third chief (1296-1370) who while returning from a clandestine visit to the wife of Fraser of Glenelg, was confronted by a mad bull in Glenelg"

More scallywaggery here:…
A question of grammar:

"Fucking fuck you guys." Was that a statement of disbelief, like "Jesus Christ, you guys, get with it," or the traditional argument ender, like "you know what? Fuck You guys."
Er...more context and usage than grammar, actually (though some punctuation may have helped shed some light on the intent).

@3: More the latter.

I would like to add for the record that I am rarely so combative, and even more rarely so foul-mouthed. I was just incensed. Haven't been so angry in years. STILL MAD.
Jesus like to play MMORPG. He fishes, does crafting profs, and has lots of Titles but never uses them.
I wish I'd been there with you three - sounds like quite a great party! Fuck those fucks and good on ya for calling bullshit on them.
I frequently walked through their booth to get to the free samples of NOS. Never once was harassed, but frequently glared at. The NOS was totally worth it.
@9 - Stereotyping? What the hell were you reading? They asked an individual directly about his beliefs and the individual gave an answer that lacked credibility, so they called him on his waffling.
@9, It was a fun party. They were doing their job; we were doing ours.

"Swear it on this pack of tiny Bibles," I say, reaching into my purse and pulling out a handful of Bibles.

Oh how I wish I'd have been there to witness that.
I approve of this quick shitting-upon of these fucks and Jesusman's classy Jesusness throughout.
I'm offended that nobody invited me to this party. Fuck you guys, I'm a walking cesspool of sin, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE.

Sobbing IRL, thanks.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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