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jesus h. christ. how awful.

(also - anyone else think it's hilarious that mr. muscle-bound man is pictured with 20lb freeweights? ooooh, impressive! i can use my big muscles to hold 20lbs in each hand, and look pensively into the middle distance!)
Even worse are the majority of the comments on the NYP article.

I was reading them yesterday, there were only 2 people not attacking her.
It's the goddam NY POST! Might as well read it in the Enquirer. Who knows if this is even true.
I took the 'quotes' around the word *assault* in the headline to be their ass-covering. At this point, the dude is only accused, not convicted, so they could not say that he had assaulted her.

I'm not making much sense; I hope y'all know what I mean.
I'm confused as to what her being transgender has to do with the assault? From the article, it sounds like he assaulted her because he was jealous, not because she was transgender. So why is it such a big part of the article? Also, the phrase "gal pal" makes me want to vomit.
@5: The attitude is that she's a non-conforming weirdo, and deserves to be put back in line.

@4: putting quotes around "assault" or "beating" makes it sound like they're ridiculing the idea of the assault occurring at all. Usually you'll read something like "the alleged attacker" or "the alleged assault" or "so and so is accusing so and so of assault" but I have never in my life seen quotes around assault to indicate that the attacker is accused rather than convicted.
Ergo it's OK to assault men. So feel free to beat the shit out of anything with a penis.
"New York Post prints something intolerant" is not exactly news at this point.
I expect nothing less from the NYP. It and its readers are utterly worthless.
@5 that's what I was wondering too. The inclusion of this bit of information in every headline on the story is beyond idiotic. They could've as well written "Firefighter attacks ginger girlfriend." For that matter, I'm not sure what firefighting has to do with this either.
@11: That made me laugh. I would love to see that headline.

Since transfolk do get assaulted at a higher rate due to all sorts of unfortunate factors, I don't think it's necessarily idiotic to point it out when it occurs in an effort to raise awareness and fight prejudice and try to solve the problem. Not that any of this was what the NY Post was doing, of course.
1 - yeah, I'm a 54 year old fat woman, and *I* use twenty pound weights for biceps curls....
New York Post is not a real newspaper.
I've got skinny weak arms and I bicep curl 45 lbs at a time. He better be juggling them things.
@11: Remember what Tim Minchin says about gingers "only another ginger can call a ginger "ginger"."

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