The "You were mistaken" line from the guy is pretty prickish. Is it racist to say "memory shouldn't be a problem for you" to a robot?
This is fucked up. I don't really know how I feel that when robots talk, they almost immediately start talking about what is God. It's weird.
I just asked Cleverbot "fucking magnets, how do they work?"
She waited ten seconds and replied, "They don't."
I love this!! If you don't know what Cleverbot is, it's an online program that simulates conversation by learning from chats with real online users. Over time, it analyzes the best response to any given question or phrase based on how humans responded while chatting with Cleverbot. One can fuck it up on purpose by added nonsense (hence the "I am not a robot, I am a unicorn.") It's kind of a fascinating program, and this video is awesome.
Is this what doing science looks like?
They should set this up to run indefinitely and let us stop in at our leisure to see how the conversation is evolving.
It looks like any random comment thread on Slog
That was more entertaining than anything I've ever seen on reality TV
Isn't this a clip from the last Republican debate?
Here's what I asked Cleverbot:

Me: "Have you seen the movie Star Wars?"
Cleverbot: "Yes, I liked it."
Me: "What did you like about Star Wars?"
Cleverbot: "It was a coincidence of unbelievable proportions."

Can't argue with that...
the last bit "don't you want a body?" is kinda chilling.

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