Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes stands by his losing State Supreme Court arguments—"respectfully."

His full statement:

"I respectfully disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision. Attorney General McKenna dragged Washington state into a Tea-Party-inspired lawsuit that will, if successful, prevent millions of Americans from obtaining the health care they will have access to under the Affordable Care Act. He did this against the express wishes of and without first consulting the Governor, the Insurance Commissioner, the House Speaker, and the Senate Majority Leader. Indeed, Rob McKenna has disingenuously tried to have it both ways by purporting to support certain parts of the Affordable Care Act while using our state’s name in a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the entire law. Today, the court merely sowed the seeds for future confusion and litigation by sidestepping the question of who can use the state’s name in litigation when the Governor and Attorney General are formally on opposite sides of a lawsuit. While Attorney General McKenna thus dodged a bullet today, the silver lining in the court’s decision is that the legislature can change the result because the decision is based on statutory interpretation, not the state constitution."