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Isn't it a bit assassinated-y for the bedroom? Unless it's counterweighed by an oration fetish.
The Brotherhood in Olympia would LOVE to have this on their wall.
@1 - Is there a good room for assassination memorabilia?
I saw something *exactly* like this at a flea market in Rome, Italy, a couple years ago. I thought it was weird - JFK, RFK, MLK... one of these Ks is not really like the others?
This would make a better memorial than the most recent addition to the National Mall.

Just, as they say, sayin'.

Throw it away. It's crap. No, it's not ironic-cool. It's just crap.
Also, boner killer for the empathetic among us.
If you aspire to a fireplace at some point, Dominic—not necessarily a working one, just as a visual accessory, and I don't mean the one your roommate pastes over your door at Christmas—this would be okay over the mantel.
Obviously, the three great and wise men, who were assassinated, and their deaths irrevocably changing the line of progress, setting the Western World on the down arrow of devolution.

What more need be said?

(Death to the Rockefellers, and Mellons and Morgans and Harrimans and the rest of that dreadful scum who think themselves impervious to revenge!)
Maybe that was Frizzelle.
3 of the most influential men of the 20th Century...just saying.
@ 2, I'm pretty sure they already have this exact one.
Rob, are you getting paid by the comment?
inclined to agree with #6- but it's your house, not mine, and my weirdest stuff always hangs in the bathroom where people are forced to look at it.
@2, bear in mind I come from weird, though. After Nixon resigned, my late father converted a sideboard in one corner of the dining room into a little shrine celebrating Tricky Dick's demise, with a caricature surrounded by votive candles sunk in their own melted wax. Which stayed there for decades.
Ooopsie, I mean you at @3, MacCrocodile.
We're at Kitsch Level Def Con 10!

Me wantee...
The backstory gives it power and makes it worthwhile - apparently this gave comfort to an African American woman "for decades". I approve, Dominic, unless you just want to make fun of it in a kitchy way (bad karma, that.)
@6) You are mistaken--it is amazing in every way.
I agree that is a treasure for any number of reasons. It deserves its own shrine. But I also agree with Rob that it is a boner killer, and thus should not be hung in any room you plan to fuck in.
Three men whose exploits and untimely ultimate sacrifices defined an era.

Plus, they were three noble and notable horndogs. What better place than the bedroom?

You should've given her at least fifty bucks.
@ 19: Nope. Crap.
I was walking by with a couple friends when you were buying it. We thought, "Why the hell is Dominic Holden buying that ugly POS?" Is he buying it for the Stranger office?
Why is RFK the only one gazing out at the viewer?

And I agree, @ 19 - it is utterly awesome.

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