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Good time of the year for pickings on lawns and sidewalks around the Ave area too! Although that's getting less exciting as we near towards the actual start date at the U-dub.

It's a whole new marketing spin on dumpster the here at your doorstep!
Free bedbugs! Come and get them while they're still alive!
It looks like it's left over from the rapture...
Why are we mocking this?

I've always thought it was an amazingly sweet quirk about Seattle that people do this.
Derek, have you seen the hat-man near Beacon Hill yet?
And don't forget the free couch in Ballard, on the west side of 17th near 51st. Perfect for restorers, or a young bohemian house.
I love free piles. I don't usually obtain clothing from them, but it's been known to happen.

I just put out an old chair of ours (gross chair, really) just to see if anyone would take it. And it was gone in two hours. Beautiful, I love it.
I have a couch and a set of very nice, collectible dishes that I got free from somebody's front yard in Duvall. Never clothes, though. The couch is being reupholstered.
@5, it's a Victoria thing, too, and rampant in my neighbourhood (as are yard sales). My favourite was a box labelled "free" and all that was in it was a broken lampshade and an old shoe.
18th & Pike actually.
(American English used throughout)
In Australia, the city/county sends trucks to every urban and rural neighborhood twice a year to pick up items that need to go to the dump (unwanted or broken furniture and small appliances, for example). All you need to do is put them on the sidewalk a couple of days before the planned pick up. Scavenging is silently condoned. Because of this, you don't see the illegal dumping that happens in the States.

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