Be careful Goldy, number of viewers is not the same as number of supporters.
#1 is correct. Many people who disagree with something will watch with more earnest than those who do, so it's probably more accurate to assume that more people will have more dirt on Obama than the GOP now because of that.
9.74 Million of them watched on FOX... Please see raindrop @1.
Everyone, do recall that cuts both ways - how many of the 5.4 million viewers of the Republican debate were supporters? The question would be: is there a reason to assume that the supporter/opposer/independent ratios would be significantly different between the two events? (There might be, I'm not really sure.)
@4 That was sort of my point in #2 ... ;) But the numbers are lower for the Repubs .... so .... just saying.
Dude, Obama totally kicks GOP ass! He doesn't even need to get us out of Iraq, he rocks so hard!

"I intend to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. We will complete this transition to Iraqi responsibility, and we will bring our troops home with the honor that they have earned." -- Obama, February, 2009…

Oops, sorry. TV ratings are obviously more important than perpetual military occupations overseas. Carry on.
@1- Would that explain then why Fox News is number one on TV? Half of which are supporters and the other half lured in to the inner sanctum of depravity by the sheer morbid curiosity of what sort of histrionic bile is going to escape from the forked tongues of their on-air personalities?
@7 Actually, it's not really curiosity, I am reminded of the organized religious nuts who claim that the only reason people don't like them is because they don't know, well, I have read the christian doctrine (yep, all of it) and for the life of me can't figure out why people believe that shit, I was even raised in it. It's called research, in order to counter something you have to know what that thing is, and like the religious example, people do study their opposition. Many of the problems with the Us Versus Them mentality is that one side (and I'm not picking sides personally) will accuse the other of "not reading it" ... well, this could stand as proof that they were paying attention and actually know what they're talking about. Perhaps one day you will all site down and talk, and see that your goals are not that different, just some areas and methods are. But alas, this will not be looked at as such evidence by most, and most will just use it as firepower for a war that should not exist in this country.
@7, in what alternate universe is Fox News "number one on TV"?

Assuming you meant "number one in TV cable news," that's still sort of a small pool to be the biggest fish in. "Biggest turd in the toilet!"
This thread had promise, and then you people posted in it.
@10 Love the blinders, do those come in pink?
Ha, yes ratings; the only thing Obama's ever been truly good at.
Lol. I was looking for the byline and thought it was Constant. Now I know what you guys do at your staff meetings.

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