Commenter Znachki points out that in this week's Bar Exam about Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium—Jamie Boudreau's new, great, ridiculous temple to the drinking of cocktails—I got the bartenders' bible that sits at intervals along the bar completely wrong. It is Harry Johnson's Bartenders Manual, not Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide, damn it—I even noted it correctly, but then I was looking at old-timey bar guides on the internet and got mixed up. Fixed online (though remaining tragically in error in the print edition), with apologies, especially to Jamie Boudreau, who I believe considers Jerry Thomas a pretender to the bartenders' guide throne.

Another thing I should probably have mentioned: Most of the cocktails at Canon are $10 each. Is that too expensive? Yes, if you're talking about a gin and tonic with the tonic sprayed in by a gun then shoved across the bar at you. No, if you're talking about the rye-and-Ramazzotti Canon cocktail topped with Cointreau foam, which, in turn, is topped with Angostura mist stenciled in the shape of a cannon. Or a Pisco sour shaken for so long, it goes with Boudreau on a walk to the kitchen and back. Or an Old Fashioned with house-made reduced Old-Fashioned syrup and a sculptural garnish of miniature cherries and orange peel. Or a peach-thyme rickey made with cachaca and a sprig of thyme that bumps your nose, releasing its scent with each sip. HOLY COW I BET BOUDREAU MAKES HIS OWN TONIC WATER. Have you ever had that? It is the kind of thing that makes a cocktail worth a few extra bucks, easy.

Lord, this bar is good—and I haven't even tried the great-sounding food yet (and everything on that menu—pork belly buns, bacon/arugula salad with figs/croutons/egg/brandy, ricotta gnudi with shiitakes/mustard greens, fancy flank steak succotash, more—is just $12).