Won't be seeing this on yahoo email.

They blocked emails about the tens of thousands of protestors in NYC, after all.
God damn pedestrians. We need a shoe tax & walker licensing policy now!
Or they could spend that $49 billion that they saved when the FDIC handed them WaMu.....
It apparently still hasn't got media coverage, because even after this post I don't know against what the protestors are protesting and what they want done.

Against Chase? Chase was in a position to buy up WAMU precisely because it had less risky mortgage practices than most banks.

Do they want Chase to stop taking deposits and making loans? Do they want Chase to make them a loan despite the fact they don't qualify under Chase's more rigorous lending standards? Do they want Chase to bring them some doghnuts?
Is this at the old Wamu Tower? I remember some Stranger writers (Josh Feit, maybe?) organized a protest against Wamu's support of the first monorail recall (the one that failed) at that location.
Here's some media coverage:…
Hey David Wright, I believe the protestors probably want Chase to do things like modify people's home loans, and stop ripping poor people off with fees on their EBT cards. Oh, and maybe pay their taxes or something. I pay my taxes--maybe Chase could do that too?
I think you misspelled dognuts, David...

Good thing they interfered with traffic! I'm sure the people in the affected cars were Chase executives or something like that.
since many peeps here have the anon filter thing going; here is what hipster d-bag @8 (pretty good points imo) said:

"Hey David Wright, I believe the protestors probably want Chase to do things like modify people's home loans, and stop ripping poor people off with fees on their EBT cards. Oh, and maybe pay their taxes or something. I pay my taxes--maybe Chase could do that too?"
A good reason to protest: Chase freezes accounts in good standing (tens of thousands of dollars invested over six years at one branch) for no reason, so confused accountholders' checks bounce. See King 5 and the Consumerist websites, Google Mike and Meagan Farrell of Monroe.

Nobody with convenient access to a good credit union should bank at Chase. Chase isn't even limiting its victims to the indebted and the poor but to customers of ample means as well.
I protested Chase by moving my finances to BECU.
Chase is a miserable, wretched company. They screwed me over to the point that I made an anti chase website. And yes, I do have a life and better things to do with my time -- that should tell you just how sleazy they are. if you want to read my story.
Suncadia treats its workers like shit, too. My friend worked there briefly as a maid, and when she asked for protective gear to handle things like cum- or blood-stained sheets - protective gear that's required by law - she was fired during her probationary period, because, "It's just not working out." I urged her to get a lawyer, but she lives in Cle Elum and was too broke to drive to Seattle to talk to one.
Why is it our protests always look so anemic? Other protests look like the people actually care. See Chilean Protest (over high education costs):…
Can anybody provide an example of a protest group successfully getting support for its issue by blocking traffic or otherwise delaying random people unrelated to the cause? Working Washington is a front for the SEIU, not a bunch of anarchists, so I'd like to think these people are trying to advance a point rather than just make a mess.
@17 My example? This very protest. Their blocking traffic got them coverage here on Slog, which is the first I heard about it, and now they have my support.
@14 - I read your story. What despicable behavior. I closed my Chase account.
@18: I have a hard time believing that you (or just about anyone else reading Slog, for that matter) were really a lasseiz-faire Chase supporter up until you read about this protest.
And continue to try to rip off from people. Demanding that your customers keep a set amount in their accounts is one thing, having that amount come up to a few months of rent's worth is despicable. When I closed my account, I let the manager know exactly what he is; a thief.
I'm paying off my mortgage to these assholes as soon as possible. They will not be making much interest off of me.
i feel that the "oh noes the traffic is blocked for random people" cries are are very petty in comparison with exposing the, at least fiscally unethical, and more likely criminal malfeasance patterns of Chase.
@17 Ironically, the Tea Party people have, but as the article pointed out, it's because they get coverage (from both sides) while others do not.
As for the Chase thing, interest from loans is your own fault, your mistake not another's, if you don't like it you shouldn't have signed the contract. Other problems, I don't know and can't say one way or the other.
i actually walked by this protest earlier today. they were making alot of people angry & it didn't look like they were angry @ chase. personally, i don't mind some disruption for the sake of protest, but my experience is that that turns most americans off in a big way.

my personal story... chase was stealing $10 a month from me & periodically sending me notices that said things like, 'if you don't respond to this you will lose debit card access to your account' and 'if you don't access this account within 18 months we will take your money' (no joke). it was an old account w/ some money left in it. the account is closed & that money is now a kayak.
It's like this, sean. The downtrodden are not heard unless they throw a wrench in the system. Movements are created by action, i.e. wrench tossing. Most of the time, those actions lead to nothing. Occasionally history, conditions and action combine to move an agenda forward, and become a movement. We are entering one of those eras. For each of the people that grumble about being inconvenienced by some political action, one or two (or more) are energized. In the end, those who grumble are irrelevant, as they are not the type that will ever engage in a movement or political act, left or right. Energizing those who are fed up is all that matters.
"stop ripping poor people off with fees on their EBT cards."

Well you have two choices: Spend less money than you make or change banks.
Reg @13:

As did I. I don't think we're the only ones.

Trivial note -- WaMu was born on my birthday (in 1889) and died on my birthday (in 2008). My birthyear is very close to the halfway point of WaMu's life.
Reg @13,

As did I. I've only been with BECU for eight months or so, but I have yet to regret the decision in any way.
#28 is officially the most stupid person on SLOG.
F*** Chase and Suncadia...all they've done is screwed over everyone in their evil paths and spread their corporate bullshit to places they never should have ventured.
When I told the Chase agent closing my account that I was switching to a credit union, she looked surprised and said, "Really?"

Yes, $10 fees on an empty account will do that.
We need license plates on pedestrians that blink, so we can count how many we mow over with our cars.

And an app to upload the score from our handheld iPhones ...
@18 for the Reading SLOG is Useful if You Ignore WiS win.
Why no mention of the protest at suncadia?
@ #5 We are protesting against a giant parasite on Washingtons juggler. After they stole WaMu with government collaberation, They fired over 1000 Washingtonians and laid off at least 3400 (nearly 5000 Wa jobs vaporized over night). Then they took all those mortgages they'd proffitted from bundling and selling/buying, and started foreclosing at an unconcionable rate. They are not negotiating. They are not loaning money to Washington small businesses, and they've instituted fees/hikes gallore. They took over 100 billion tax payer dollars, and they are doing nothing to give back a single dime to Washington. All this while Jamie Diamond makes $10,000.oo per hour! That's the short form.
Home loans are continually bought and sold by lenders, PEOPLE do not decide where there loan is sold to. Perhaps you should educate yourself, before commenting. Also J.P. Morgan was a robber barren, like so many of our old wealth billionaires. You may want to educate yourself on that topic as well. J.P. Morgan Chase got 1.4 billion dollars in bailout money to takeover WAMU, restructure bad home and business loans. Once they got that money, they continued to to foreclose on Washington citizens and they laid off 3,400 Washington citizen employees, further plummeting our Washington economy into the depression we are in now. Then JP MORGAN CHASE got the EBT card contract for which they were paid another massive hundred thousands for, by the State of Washington, by the way is all of us workers and tax payers and then J.P. MORGAN CHASE added a fee on the unemployed, underemployed and disabled persons forced to be humbled to use, "welfare", or the EBT card to pay 85 cents per usage of card service fee, back to J.P.MORGAN CHASE BANK FOR for withdrawal of already taxed funds so that these Washington underemployed, poor and disabled could by food to feed themselves and their families.

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