No one's auditioning for Mr. Mushnik?
Yeah I thought nothing in Seattle could be as "whites-only" as Town Hall too, but there is an African-American running for re-election as a School Board Director. You wouldn't know it by these photos though.
Like the Little Shop of Horrors, I'll bite:
A woman can't be smart AND attractive AND a mom AND engaged in civic affairs?

You are such a 1950s douche.

And if you give us Harium the Slug for another 4 years of doltishness on the school board, I'll send the Venus FlyTrap your direction.
Love the audience shot, 100% white.

"No charter schools or TFAs for you little negroes!"
Why did you need tickets for this?
Sherry Carr as the insatiably hungry, people-eating monster? Wow. That was the un-kindest cut of all.
I'm voting for a working vacation to Damascus for Cienna Madrid. The incessant belittling of honorable people campaigning for unpaid, thankless School Board duties indicates Ms. Madrid is sancimoniously clueless about the underlying respect required within a functioning democracy. A few weeks with government rooftop snipers might increase her respect of a journalist's responsibilities within a still-free society. Or perhaps The Stranger could just fire her for grammar school playground intellect?
He looks like Ted Haggard.

Why no mocking text of Harium's skin color?

Shame on you.

Skip the pics next time.
Geez, Goldy. Spare us your douchebag sexist nonsense next time, OK?
Or include some funny shots and critical comments about Charles Muadea's (can't spell his last name) daughter's hair.

Thats the next step isn't it Goldie?

Add coward to the list.

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