I agree with the wise, old sages on the Seattle Times editorial board:

Most states do it that way. It is a common-sense idea.

Absolutely. Most states do impose a personal income tax. In fact, 43 out of 50. So if most states implement such a common-sense idea, well, that's a very compelling argument to impose a personal income tax in Washington state too.

Oh wait. I just read the editorial more closely. The editors weren't writing in favor of a state income tax. The were endorsing I-1183's privatization of liquor sales. Well that's different.

Fucking hypocrites.

In fact, Washington is one of only seven states without a personal income tax, one of only three without a corporate income tax, whereas it is one of 19 that monopolizes some part of liquor sales, and one of nine that owns and operates state stores. So if you're going to make the "all the other states are doing it" argument, it seems much more compelling to make it in regards to an income tax than it is to liquor sales. I'm just sayin'.