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i got a text message today with the same thing: "WELLS FARGO ALRET: your CARD starting with 4868 has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact us at 206-497-7885."

don't have a wells fargo card. never had. now, probably never will.
I got a robocall RE: my BoA card the other night. The number showed up on my phone simply as "618." I didn't believe it, but I hit 1 to find out what the next line of crap they would feed me. It was "Please enter the 16-digit number on your card, followed by the expiration date in order to unlock your card and begin making purchases again."
We got that call this weekend (no WF acct) -- the West Seattle Blog posted a story on it too, confirming w/ WF that it's a scam:

Scam alert: This one’s coming in by phon…
@1 - Plus, there's a reason they always say "card number ending ####". A great many Wells Fargo cards probably start with the same four numbers.
Got the same call, but it showed as "Blocked" so I didn't answer. When I listened to the voicemail, I thought it said my *car* was locked... no mention of Wells Fargo in any case.
I got a call from "Wells Fargo" over the weekend with the same Robo patter about my card being "locked".

I called WF, and they were NOT amused (to say the least).

By the by, the number was: 732 326 9779
Same number as @6. I instantly knew it was bullshit.
Got this call yesterday.
Never had a Wells Fargo account in my life. I saw the number as Restricted.
I got a call this morning about my cards. I knew it was a phishing scam, so I waited to talk to someone. I asked them what company they worked for, and they promptly hung up the phone. The number was 503-902-8297 (Salem OR).

Any idea on who to report this to? They didn't claim to be representing any bank.
Goldy can barely feed himself. Why would he have a bank card?
calls & texts, twice now.

ATT? Apple?
All Wells Fargo Visa cards start with the same four numbers. It's a brilliant bit of social engineering phishing. I got the text last week, but don't have any credit card. I reported it to the FCC and would encourage everyone else to report it so they can throw away the key when they finally catch this slimeball.
NOTE (Important to) NO bank will ever ask for your credit card over the phone, they know it already and will only ask a security question or for some random information to verify who you are. They will also NEVER email you requests for such information, it has to be over the phone or in person.

If someone does ever email you or call you asking for your credit card, report them to the FBI.
I got the same call over the weekend, from a "private" number.
I have gotten four of them in the last three days, and I don't have a Wells Fargo account either. This is a phishing scam: the best course of action is to hang up and report the telephone number to the state Attorney General for prosecution.
I got this call a few times in the past few months. Well, I got calls from #s I didn't recognize so I didn't answer them and then googled the numbers, all of which came up with results like these stories.
I haven't gotten anything and I do have a WF card.
I spoke to the Seattle PD about this scam a few weeks ago, after I got a call saying my WaMu card had been suspended - apparently the scammers are somewhere in Belarus or Kazakhstan, and the "local" number on caller ID is just the point where Skype connects to the phone network.

So there's not much SPD can do about these calls, other than warning people not to fall for them.
I got the same thing on my Google Voice account this morning. Here's the bizarro transcript[1]:

Voicemail from: (716) 204-1809 at 9:14 AM

Wells Fargo Bank. Because we are just traded too many phones, we regret to inform you that your debit card has been locked. To reactivate the, please press 1 now and you will be transferred to our Security Department.

[1] Google Voice voicemail transcripts are always super-weird.
I got a rung up by these bastards on my phone at 2:30 AM last Saturday. Bastards messed with the weekend sleep that I've looked forward to all work week long.
Sometimes I wish my phone had a button that, when pushed, a deafening screech would greet the caller.
Yet another good reason to do your banking with a smaller credit union.
I can verify for sure that WF has their own external fraud investigation going on. the fraudsters are using disposable phones, so any number you get has probably been wiped already. i work at the bank and you wouldn't believe how many people have fallen for this.
I've received two of these automated calls now--one from "+618" like @2 and one from a random number.
These fuckers called me at 1:19 AM.
yeah a lot of people are saying it's happened at odd hours and mostly on the weekend. i think they're hoping to get someone who's hung over and too distracted to realize it's a scam.
Last Thursday night, I was having a bitch of a time trying to get to sleep. I fell asleep around 12:15ish, and guess who calls at 12:40. Assholes.
I got the text message version last Friday in the middle of a conversation about how I was going to close my Wells Fargo account and join a credit union. That was a little weird.
My wife got the call on her cell phone this morning at 8 am. We don't bank with Wells Fargo.
These scams work through hundreds/thousands of dummy numbers and the FBI says they are pretty unable to do much about tracking the location of the callers. For some reason my cell number was on some list as someone who had bought prescriptions (illegally?) over the internet or from somewhere. So, I kept getting these phone calls asking for this person, for 3 or 4 years. When I eventually got more confrontational with the callers they got sort of threatening. Then they told me they were FBI investigators. Anyhow, I eventually called the FBI and had a talk with an FBI or justice dept investigator who explained what the callers never got around to making clear: I was the recipient of a scam where people who have bought prescription drugs over the internet are later called and blackmailed with the threat that their name will be turned over to the FBI. In my case, since I hadn't bought Rx over the internet I never understood a thing they were talking about.
Got this call Friday night 9pm from a NJ number 732-326-9779, on my unlisted cell number. My husband got the same call on Saturday. Neither of us banks with Wells Fargo.

I got it last night around midnight, just as I was finally drifting to sleep.
Oh man, I got that call too! I let it go to voicemail. Aside from, also not having a WF card it was obviously a scam because the recorded voice had to much inflection to be from corporate America.
The number you listed, Goldy, is registered with the National Land Investments and Trust, and is listed as being disconnected. NLI&T is given an F rating by the Better Business Bureau, by the way.
I got 678-387-6660, which Google reports is actually the Perazzi Apparel Company in Tucker, GA...

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