Portland is the Montessori-school version of Seattle.
Thank god they got the Taggers.

Those people are scum.
Well, good for them.

But also: It kind of seems like you don't actually want anyone to go to Occupy Seattle, the way you keep talking about how much it sucks compared to Occupy Portland. Do you want us to go or not?
Occupy Portland is a joke. It is shameful that anyone in the occupy "movement" would work with the police to turn people in. In Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, and in other cities the police have been attacking occupiers. If this movement is about disobedience, which it should be if anyone is actually wanting "change" then no one should be cooperating with the police when it comes to turning in fellow poor people desperate for a better standard of living and autonomy.
Doesn't your police department suck in Seattle? That's the impression I've gotten - the whole shoot-an-unarmed-man, head-stomping, beat-down-a-teenage-girl thing, ya know.

@4 Actually, no, the police in Chicago have not been attacking Occupiers. Occupy Chi and the police department have been working collaboratively and there have been no arrests. Because hey, guess what? The boys in blue are part of the 99%, too.

But if you have an ultra-corrupt police department that takes a $4.6 million donation from JP Morgan, then you're gonna get some pepper spray, beatdowns, and arrests.
PDX. Ten years too late. AGAIN.
Oregon is where a Republican governor (McCall) threw a music festival so protesters & hippies would have a good time and stay under control. They have a much stronger history of having a spirit of cooperation.
Also, the cops here in PDX are not nearly as fat as the ones in Seattle. That has always mystified me.

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