A big shiny gold star goes out to slog commenter PEM, who writes in defense (?) of Charles's irreplaceableness:

Mudede's non-Amanda Knox features are lovely. It's his Slog posts that are borderline insane. I propose a system of emoticons to help us parse his often inscrutable approaches to tone.

I have noticed something magical on the way to work about birds.

I am provoking you to get a reaction. Slog is my tickle machine.

Shitty things about kids and dogs.

:-( ™
Shitty things about my kids.

Shitty things about women

Space! Rainbows. F*ing magnets, how do they work!



Marxism rocks.

The futility of Americans who buy things

Charles can't stop cackling. Paul can't stop giggling. The gold-starryness continues after the jump.

$$$ :'-(
Marxist reasons why it's okay someone middle class is sad.

$·$ :'-(
The fact that a robber of color made them sad puts me in an awkward place philosophically.

$·$ :'-( ™
He took your wallet?!? Yet again my children embarrass me!

Amanda Knox did it.

Or maybe not.

No, she really did it.

She's white and has sex, people! Stabby, stabby!

I have heard of a band.