So do I need to forward this article to all the democrats in congress? Why don't they already understand this? Why are they so bad at PR?
@1 Things I'll never understand either.

And as much as I agree with you Paul, it's a shame that ignorance is in such abundant supply in this country.
If Democrats actually stood for what they pretend to stand for, there'd be more Democrats.
@ 3 Democrats do stand for what they stay they stand for the problem is the Democratic Party isn't always a liberal party and that upsets many on the left.
Basically, people like Dems with balls.

Esp. Nancy Pelosi.
All because a majoirty like the bill doesn't mean fucking shit in Washington DC. It is all up to our corporate masters if it will pass. And apparently that is based on black ball voting methods.
Constant, you are the eternal douchebagger w/out a brain!

Obama's jobs bill are those Free Trade Agreements to offshore the remaining American jobs --- trying reading for a change, douchebagger!

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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