Yet another group of civic leaders calls I-1125—which would mess with the state's tolling authority and could derail plans to put light rail across the I-90 floating bridge—bad for business.

The Port of Seattle Commission voted unanimously to oppose Initiative 1125, a ballot measure that would make significant changes in state law and make future transportation projects difficult to fund. The initiative would place tolling power in the hands of the Washington State Legislature, rather than the non-partisan Washington State Transportation Commission that currently holds the authority.

"Tens of thousands of jobs across the state are generated by port activities, and they depend on a transportation system that moves goods and people efficiently," said Commission President Bill Bryant. "We are in a global fight to keep those jobs here and I-1125 could tilt the playing field against us."

Still, the last polling I saw on this "anti-tolling" measure (financed by Freeman, and peddled by Tim Eyman as a natural extension of his anti-tax efforts) had it passing. Whether the anti-1125 forces can tilt those poll numbers back in their favor is, I think, almost entirely dependent on whether they can fund and implement a successful TV ad campaign this month.