Well, I guess that's one way to prevent a run on your bank: Arrest customers who attempt to close their accounts:

In the video above, about 24 people attempt to make a statement by lining up inside a Citibank in NYC, only to have the manager lock them inside, call the police, and have them arrested. The charge? Wait for it... trespassing! And in case you're wondering if these protesters really are customers, skip to the 1:20 mark and watch the well-dressed young woman being hauled off and handcuffed, as she waves her Citibank checkbook.

Talk about crappy customer service.

Meanwhile in Santa Cruz, California, two young women go to a Bank of America branch to close their accounts, and are threatened with arrest if they do not leave immediately. Even after they put down their protest sign, the manager refuses service and locks them out, insisting that they "cannot be a customer and protester." Which I think kinda misses the point: They don't want to be customers anymore. Watch the video after the jump.