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Nice try, Canada, but you have a lot less to bitch about when it comes to systemic economic inequities. Your beer still sucks, though.
Shame America isn't a left wing country taking orders from Canada. Leaves this unfocused mess of a protest looking more like the hipster, crustie, hobo, anarchist and professional socialists carnival it is.
Camper's rights!!!

Have we ever hit close to 4,000 people in number in Seattle?
@4 - I'm pretty sure the estimates I heard for Saturday were 3,000 - 5,000.
@4 The Saturday protests were around 5,000 people.
All the occupy Canada make me mad because
A) we had a federal election this year and voter turnout was at a low with 18-30 age group being really low. A bunch of provinces had elections as well and same thing. These elections matter, especially the federal one that gave Harper a majority. So people can't be bothered to show up when it matters but can spend a weekend holding signs and screaming on the streets

B) it highlights that once again Canadians don't understand the differences between Canada and the USA. Thanks to the regulations put in place by the 90s lib govt, no Canadian bank was bailed out. The same rules prevented us from having the housing issues. Also due to deficit reduction in the 90s, Canada doesn't have the same level of debit as the states. Taxes on the rich in Canada are much higher. Not to say Canada doesn't have issues, it does and attention should be paid to them. But this protest shows once again that Canada is Americas little brother shouting look at me look at me.
@5, @6 - Awesome thanks.
What's more impressive is the smaller cities with Occupy protests. They're doing it in Spokane, too. If they're doing it in the other Vancouver I'll really start to believe.
Doug @1, it's true that Canadians have less to complain about (better bank regulation, a social safety net), but you have to be vigilant under a Conservative majority federal government, and a right-wing provincial government. Under the BC Liberals, the wealthiest in BC actually pay lower taxes than the rest.

Oh, and there's a ton of great beer here (try Phillips from Vancouver Island).
@9 It IS happening in the "other" Vancouver:…
Don't forget Bellingham! The City of Subdued Excitement enjoys a good protest too.…
Thanks, Gabriel! I have family there, so I'm a little familiar with the culture there. It's good to see them turn out there instead of going to Portland.
I think Bellevue is the only regional city of any significance where I have not heard of an occupation.


According to the Economist:…

Debt: $1,252,031,506,849
Debt per Person: $36,898.23
Population: 33,922,739
Debt as % of GDP: 82.4%
Debt Change Annual: 11.0%

Debt: $8,975,409,041,096
Debt per Person: $29,053.53
Population: 308,878,904
Debt as % of GDP: 61.2%
Debt Change Annual: 20.6%
A j2patter. I totally agree with you. Mimicing the chants that Occupy Wallstreet is fighting for will reflect little to no change to problems that Canadians are facing.

In fact problems that Toronto faces don't reflect the problems that Vancouver faces. Vancouver faces an aging population with young families needing to move away cause they can't afford to buy a house in Vancouver. Toronto faces big corporations shutting down facilities in their out lying areas and a failing TSX. Not even close to the same.

Vancouver also has a lot of government owned corporations that need to be thoroughly examined. ie BC Hydro, ICBC, BC Ferries and the City worker. It has been released what some of management have been making scandelous amounts of money.

What Vancouver needs to do is examine all of the government paid or subsidized jobs. See where money is being wasted. Evaluations of all postitions should be done by an outside source. Weeding out the lazy out dated workers.

Housing laws need to be changed to protect future generations. Heavy oversees investments and no regulations have made Vancouvers housing markets an oversees stock trading markets. We need to limit the amount of houses that invester (Canadian or non Canadian) can buy and how quickly they can flip it.

As you can tell I have more knowledge of Vancouver problems then Toronto, cause I live here.

A Zok those stats are relevent but it doesn't take into account how much of that debt is failing and or has failed. If I have a $3000/month debt and pay $3000 a month towards it. Would not be the same a me having a $500/month debt and paying nothing towards it.
yes we have a lot less to bitch about, but because the rich country cant take care of themselves, we have to stand up before your economy drags us down. Why wait till you have nothing, to fight for your basic rights to live?

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