Very cool.
50 crusties, hobos, campus socialists and anarchists chasing tents around Westlake are a revolution?

Thanks for the laugh.

Now everyone repeat together, "Yes, we are all individuals!".
I have sent emails to all of the councilmembers asking them to support occupy Seattle publicly.
Nick Licata's office was the only one to respond. And they responded extremely quickly.
There is more information on the Public Deposit Protection Commission website about the restrictions, including a list of qualified public institutions.

If Seattle moved our public funds to community banks, that would be so awesome. Even better would be if we had a state Bank of Washington, which Rep. Bob Hasegawa has been working on at the state level.

I have called upon everyone to decriminalize the tent...same as the joint.

"Know what I'm gonna do? I'M GONNA WRITE ME A RESOLUTION!" White people are, like, awesome.
I'm sad to say so, but McGinn blew it.
We just got a permit for Westlake:…
I wasn't sure how politicians can make an impact but this sets it out very clear. This should be sent as a challenge to all the cities in the country that have occupations and then on to the rest of the country.
I mailed the city council this question:

"Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 11:42 AM
To: LEG_CouncilMembers
Subject: Occupy Seattle movement

Are you with the 99%, or the 1%?"

This was the response I received today:

"Thank you for writing about the actions taken by the City of Seattle during the Occupy Seattle protests.
People have the right to assemble and to express their concerns and grievances publically and I, of course, support the right of free speech and to assemble including at West Lake Park within the rules and laws that Seattle has relating to our public places including parks. The use of City Hall has been offered as a site for the protests.
Seattle is also a victim of the financial crises caused in part by inadequate or ineffective regulations of financial institutions and also caused by outright criminal activity. Because of the recession we are experiencing we are cutting important City services.
I am impressed with how the protests have for the most part been carried out safely and without violence here in Seattle.
It is my hope that the protests will result in changes to the public policies both in the state of Washington and nationally which have resulted in such an inequitable and regressive tax system.
Thanks again for writing.

Thank you

Tom Rasmussen"
L.A.'s been examining the bank affiliation issue too. Here's the L.A. Times:
Los Angeles elected officials have been assiduously wooing the Occupy movement, which inspired protesters furious at Wall Street to take over the grassy area around City Hall downtown — and public spaces in cities across the nation.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave 100 ponchos to soggy demonstrators during the last big rain. Council President Eric Garcetti told campers in the tent community to "stay as long as you need to." And officials have quietly allowed the urban camp-out to continue, despite a law prohibiting overnight stays at city parks.

But council members who cheered on Occupy Los Angeles' larger themes are growing skittish about one of the demonstrators' main demands: cracking down on wrongdoing by banks.

Last week, lawmakers asked city analysts to continue developing a plan to use the city's financial heft to punish misbehaving financial institutions. On Tuesday, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana issued a dire warning: Such a move could cost the city at least $58 million.…
glad to get this message.
I tell ya, nothing scares the rich more than a resolution. That and some dancing turtles. Oh, and anarchists in tents squabbling over procedural points of order.
Glad they are starting to get the message. This is a grass roots movement of the people. Next is getting city government to hear us, then we demand action at the State level then maybe just maybe those 1%ers in DC may listen too
God Bless this man for standing up for what's right.
I want to know where Godden and Harrell stand on this. And Clark, Rasmussen, and Burgess for that matter, but the first two are the ones we have a real chance at replacing.

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