The question of what "victory" will look like hovers in the background of a lot of the discussions about the future of Occupy Seattle. And as others have said, it's something just to show up—and keep showing up.

But: How to keep showing up when you're spread thin straddling two civic spaces (the City Hall plaza encampment and the Westlake Park rally site/encampment), and when a lot of the people who want to help have to work regular business hours?

A simple answer could be this: Occupy the City Hall plaza site Sunday through Friday, marching to Westlake sometime after the park opens at 6 a.m. each day, protesting at Westlake during the day, and then marching back sometime around the park's closing time of 10 p.m. (or before, if making the nightly news is the aim).

Meanwhile, focus on making every Saturday into an Occupation party and urban camp-out that's so big it can't be moved from Westlake, even when the park closes. Kind of like last Saturday.

The movement would continue, supporters who work regular business hours could continue working (and show up just on the weekends), the messaging wouldn't get lost in a continued fight over location, and the Occupation could simultaneously not completely cave in to the mayor's park rules while also potentially drawing broader support.