Oh my. Why don't I have a baby squirrel?
I would love to have a squirrel. My cat and dog would also love for me to have a squirrel, but probably for different reasons.
Just don't invite Richard Gere over.

I was lucky enough to have a flying squirrel as a kid--baby one fell down the chimney and the parents kept it. The nocturnal-ness wasn't so fun, but in general a pocket-sized squirrel is an excellent pet.
I would love to hear more about the ins and out of squirrel husbandry.

P.S. Is baby Scooter is snuggling into a pair of your tighty whities?

Extreme squirrel delightfulness! That is one lucky little critter!!

Thank you for being such an excellent human, unpaid intern Paul Holmes.
@6 - Mostly it's just ins and outs, yes.
if it gets that big you could cook it for a Holiday meal (:…

Bacon Wrapped Squirrel
BBQ Squirrel
Bushytail With Autumn Apples
Cajun Squirrel
Camp Stew
Chicken Fried Squirrel
Chicken Surprise
Citrus Squirrel
Crockpot Fried Squirrel
Daddy's Squirrel Stew
Easy Squirrel BBQ
Flatwoods Squirrel Stew
Four Squirrel And Seven Spears Ragout
Fried and Baked Squirrel
Fried Squirrel With Mushroom Gravy
Hot & Spicy Squirrel Stew
Marinated Squirrel
Mesquite Squirrel
Redneck Squirrel Fry
Simple Roast Squirrel
Single Serve Squirrel
Sloppy Squirrel Sandwiches
Smother - Fried Squirrel
Some Weirdo's Fried Squirrel
Southern Squirrel Stew
Southern Style Squirrel
Spicy Squirrel
Squirrel Alfredo
Squirrel Bog
Squirrel Cacciatore
Squirrel Casserole
Squirrels in Cream Sauce
Squirrel Creole
Squirrel Croquettes
Squirrel Delight
Squirrel Dip
Squirrel & Dressing
Squirrel Dumplings
Squirrel Kabobs
Squirrel Jambalaya
Squirrel and Noodles
Squirrel Nuggets
Squirrel and Onion Gravy
Squirrel Pizza
Squirrel Salad
Squirrel Sloppy Joes
Squirrel Spit
Squirrel Stew
Squirrel Stew Too
does it bite or scratch?
BBQ Squirrel
Thanks to Todd Smith for sending in this recipe.

~ 4 squirrels, quartered
~ 3 tbsp salt
~ 2 tsp pepper
~ 1 tsp garlic powder
~ 1 tsp onion powder
~ your favorite dry rub
~ 15 charcoal briquets
~ 3 handfuls hickory chips
~ your favorite bbq sauce

In a large pot, boil the squirrel in water seasoned with the salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder for 1 hour or until tender.

In the meantime, soak the hickory chips in water. Light the charcoal and let them get white hot. Place them to one side of your grill.

Remove the squirrel from the water and pat dry. Coat with your favorite dry rub.

Add one handful of wood chips to the hot coals.

Place squirrel on grill across from the hot coals. Cover and smoke for 1 hour. Add a handful of wood chips every half hour.

Add last of the wood chips and baste squirrel with bbq sauce. Smoke for another half hour basting another 3 - 4 times.

Serve with mashed potatoes, sweet corn and buttermilk bisquits.

Does it pee on stuff?

I've never before considered the bathroom habits of squirrels.
@12 He looks like he's about to take a dump from that chair right into the seat. Squirrel presents!
I didn't know I needed (NEEDED) a pet squirrel until I read this most. Must. Have.
Ostentatious? Is that really the word you wanted? Confused.
@3, not even Richard Gere would mistake a squirrel for a gerbil.
Invariably, whenever there is a post about a cute little animal (a squirrel, a bunny, whatever), someone has to make a comment about, "..looks like dinner to me." And although the first or second time was mildly amusing, the frequency and the certainty with which it happens here on Slog makes me wonder if those commenters don't have their own little "labs" in their basements.
Why do you have this squirrel? where is it's mother?
Having had a squirrel as a pet I can confidently confirm it is indeed one of the best pets anyone could ever have.
In Ohio it would be shot.
My cats think a squirrel would make an excellent pet. They tell me so, every time they see one through the windows. "Get me that! I want it now!"
@16, From Merriam-Webster:

Ostentatious: marked by or fond of conspicuous or vainglorious and sometimes pretentious display.

I think sassy squirrel qualifies.

I too am beguiled by the thoughts of squirrel husbandry. I had a pet baby squirrel for a day, before I dropped him at the emergency vet centre for wild animals. He was not soft, in case anyone is wondering.
@ 17, sorry.
Remember, don't let your baby squirrel eat your Chia Troll.

You might wake up and find only the Chia Troll remaining, and no squirrel ...
That blonde with the tits on Beverly Hillbillies used to do the same thing. Good times.
I love squirrels, but the closest I've come to having one for a pet are my prairie dogs. I guess they're ground squirrels. Much fatter and with stumpy little tails, but the vocalizations are SO adorable.

I'll save that recipe, though, for the next time they dig a hole in the wall or shred my sandals or steal my satin slips.
@24, no worries, I'm sorry if that seemed bristly. (As the gerbil might have said...)
This post is going to break my husband's heart. Real people, with a squirrel pet, right here in Seattle?! All that dude wants is a squirrel to hang out with.
Are you sure this is even ethical/safe long term? I mean it's not a fucking cat or a's a squirrel, you know a wild animal, small and cute yes, but a wild animal.
When I lived in Greenlake, my roomies and I trained a wild squirrel to come to the door to ask for a peanut. After about a year we had it trained to take them from our hands. Then summer came around, and our friend, "Rat", as we had named him, got brave enough to come into the house. Before we moved you could yell "come on Rat!" out the door and he came running.

I always wondered what the people who moved in after us thought about Rat coming in the house and darting around. I hope they freaked...
@ 19 - Click the link in the post. Whole story, right there.

@ 28 - LOL
That's not what ostentatious means. Go back to college.
@30 - How do you think cats and dogs came to be domesticated and no longer wild animals? Magic?
How long do squirrels live? Rats make great pets, but only live two or three years on average.
Where does it poop and pee?
Plus I understand that they're DELICIOUS!
Don't let the City of Seattle know you have Scooter -- the mere mention of him will make the Animal Control Unit charge you a flat $60 annual license for keeping him. Even if feeding him doesn't cost as much as $60/year.
I have eaten squirrel many times in my youth in West Virginia. I left as soon as I could.

But I think I need to hear an answer to the 'potty training a squirrel' question someone else asked. details, man, details.
@38 say it's a Furry Chicken or a Pot-Bellied Squirrel Pig.

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