Accomplishing what the General Assembly narrowly failed to do last night, Occupy Seattle voted by the four-fifths majority required to overcome a "block" to move the nighttime encampment from Westlake Park to Seattle Central Community College campus beginning on Saturday.

Here's the Twitter update:


The thinking goes, according to several Occupiers I've spoken to, that SCCC is a more secure location than a city park (where camping is illegal) because the campus is private property. Many folks believe that police would require the college's permission to shoo demonstrators off campus. School faculty and students could, in theory, find a way to roll out the red carpet.

But I'm not sure if SCCC will prove more hospitable: College president Dr. Paul Killpatrick reportedly doesn't want the occupiers. The move could even backfire. Police could use the college's opposition as impetus to completely clear protesters off the property, rather than deploy the tolerance-harassment treatments they have used down at Westlake. All that said, I really hope this—or some other location—works out for them. Occupy Seattle needs a stable base camp, and Westlake Park is a miserable place for people to sleep at night.