It seems to me that Seattle would be well served by putting them out of business. Why isn't there a group to do that?
You're being pretty hard on them [Goldy]. I'm sure they're literate.
Maybe the editorial board's latent racism caught up with them in that they couldn't bear to see an uber intelligent, uber qualified, uber talented African American defeat somebody they perceive as their own kind: a middle aged white hack who lives in the burbs. His election is a perceived threat to their sense of privilege, their sense of King County normalcy. It smells like identity politics.

They probably didn't think Mitchell would be all that competitive when he was in the primary so they decided to be PC sports and endorse him, but now that he's a serious threat, we've got to put good ole Jane back in and put things back to normal.
I think the correct term is "Functionally Illiterate".

Enough to compose and read a sentence, given the environment.…
Flipping their endorsement of Mitchell for making the very same arguments against Hague that they made in their initial endorsement. Makes Herman Cain's abortion position seem almost cogent by comparison.
@3) He's the Billy Ray Valentine candidate. I wonder if someone lost a $1 bet when he made it through the primary.
Makes about as much (non)sense as any of the other incoherent Shit the Seattle Times Sez.
The only way it will change is if some rich person buys the Times out and shitcans the Blethens utterly.
How about finding another term to use than "douche bag"? There's something inherently sexist about using a term that has to do with feminine hygiene to denigrate a person.
@10: Not only do I have a dog, I once walked Feisty over to Frank's house on Mercer Island, and had her pee on his security gate. No shots were fired.
I was interviewed by the Times' endorsement board when I was running for office. I knew I was in trouble when I walked in with my opponent, the long-term incumbent, and they all greeted him by first name, lots of back-slapping, talk of golf scores, etc. They said some nice things about me, but endorsed my aged opponent because of his "experience" (he's been a political hack in this state since 1961).

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