Here's the order of operations for this afternoon on the Occupy Seattle website:

5pm: March from Westlake to SCCC

6:30pm: SCCC Speak-Out

8pm: Halloween Party Begins!

8:30pm: Tent-Raising

Bring your Tent and a Pumpkin! Come in Costume!

Rumor has it there will be prizes...(there will be no prizes).

Occupy Seattle will only succeed if you show up! And camp out! Occupy Together!

As Dominic reported, the president of SCCC has issued a letter to Occupy Seattle that seems to begrudgingly roll out a welcome mat while giving him the rhetorical leeway to roll it back if things go sideways:

Yesterday, I met with representatives from Occupy Seattle. They declared that regardless of college policies and college concerns, they intend to continue their action. While I remain concerned about a host of possible adverse impacts (personal safety, financial impact, etc.), the WAC, as it is currently written, allows this occupation to take place.

Meaning, I take it, that that SCCC president Paul Killpatrick isn't thrilled to have Occupy on his college's doorstep but that he won't call the police and try to have them evicted for trespassing. Yet. (And also, per a press release sent about ten minutes after I put up this post, that the teachers' union Local 1789 supports Occupy Seattle's move to SCCC, which has to put some pressure on president Killpatrick.)

As Dom has also reported (and many people have anecdotally noted), Occupy has looked a little anemic in the past week or so, as arguments between factions about how to proceed and what the tenor of the protest should be seemed to sap its core strength.

But if people show up for the SCCC occupation this afternoon and evening, they could give Occupy Seattle a dose of reinvigoration.