@99: You say: "A man and woman join in a lifelong union sanctioned by the society in which they live, and more often than not have kids. Because raising children in a stable environment capable of passing on the larger culture is deemed a worthy goal we incentivize this with the formal and legal recognition of marriage."

And that is exactly why we SHOULD legalize gay marriage. Because a large number of those gay couples will adopt children who would otherwise NOT be raised in a stable environment. I was adopted, and although my parents happen to be a hetero couple, it's one of the main reasons I advocate for gay marriage. I could have been less lucky than I am. I could have languished in a foster home until my teens. Gay couples are more likely to adopt older kids rather than holding out for an infant to adopt, and those older kids are the ones who most desperately need a stable home.

@81: it's worse than that. Here's what I seemed to see:

Seattleblues -asks for evidence that gay suicide can be caused by bullying
venomlash -provides evidence that gay suicide can be caused by bullying
Seattleblues -says, "this study just says that gay suicide can be caused by bullying, that's nothing new" (paraphrased here, naturally)
-and a post later has gone back to saying he doesn't know whether bullying is the cause of higher suicide rates among gay youth! And uses it to defend his position that you shouldn't make laws based on something you can't prove, when he just admitted that it was not only proven but apparently common knowledge that kids who are harassed by their peers are more likely to commit suicide!

I have to say though, I disagree with your ideas about iguanas, because when you look at the data, it's clear that the average annual rainfall in Connecticut is MUCH too high for them to live indigenously. I kind of hate to say this, but I think the only real option is to put them all down.

(In all seriousness, thank you for providing those data. They were enlightening, and very interesting.)
99, Not to mention any children you and your wife produced would have been pariahs in both the white and black communities. It was considered a selfish, immoral thing to create mixed race children.
Oh, SeattleBlues. Saying that being gay is a choice implies that being straight is a choice. So: did you choose to be straight? I seem to recall you saying that you did not, that your attraction to women is completely natural to you. So, why is it so difficult to believe that same-sex attraction is completely natural to other folks?

Now, you may say that gay folks should just deny those attractions. That doesn't seem very Christian. Why would God make folks gay, and then punish them by not letting them be happy? You seem very happy with your family, fulfilled with your marriage. Why deny that to gay folks? What do you get from that? How would it harm you? Oh, wait, you've already said it wouldn't harm you or your marriage.

Then you'll claim that there's some societal cost to this, that we won't see for at least a generation. However, I can't recall if you've ever been clear on what that damage would be, or would look like. Could you help me out here?

The Declaration of Independence says that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution says that citizens must be treated equally under the law. Why do you hate America?
Why would God make folks gay, and then punish them by not giving them a fuckable hole?
If God makes homosexuals why doesn't he give homosexual men vaginas?
That doesn't seem very Christian.....

" So, why is it so difficult to believe that same-sex attraction is completely natural to other folks?"

that's easy.

all living creatures gotta reproduce.

it's a requirement of "life".

humans have a strong innate biological drive to have heterosexual sex.

anyone who claims to be, instead, attracted to their own gender would be a non-reproducable mutant freak biological accident.

"homosexuals" are not non-reproducable mutant freak biological accidents.

they're just confused. and full of shit.
107, You're trying to convince yourself. You post day and night about gay sex. Your so obsessed with homosexuality. With such dedication and passion about gayness, you must have a personal stake in the matter.
@106: Hello...? The anus sure counts as fuckable, right? I mean, why would the anus be so close to the prostate if it weren't supposed to be fucked?
@107: I don't think you understand what "irreproducible" means. Homosexuality IS probably an accident of biology, the result of hormonal levels in utero causing a male brain to acquire feminine attributes or a female brain to acquire masculine attributes. (Scientists have identified a region of the brain that shows this phenomenon clearly in homosexuals.) But it's a pretty damn common accident, and a pretty innocuous one. I don't see why you've got your panties in such a twist over it.
Anti-bullying legislation is bullshit as a whole anyway. Sorry, but meh. Physical violence, toss them in jail for a few days, words ... sorry but meh. You can ignore people around you, I do it every time I walk along third between Pike and Pine ... fucking gang bangers and junkies.
There is absolute concensus in the scientific community
concerning the structure and function of the human
alimentary and reproductive systems. These two systems are
absolutely separate since the human does not possess a
cloaca. Reproduction can occur only by utilizing the
reproductive system, requiring both the female ovum (egg)
and the male sperm. Ova are fertilized naturally in the
fallopian tubes of women following sexual intercourse by the
sperm which transits through the vagina and uterus following
release from the penis. Although artificial methods are
available and used, the anatomy and physiology of humans
have resulted in a natural means for conception.
The structure and function of the male and female human
reproductive systems are fully complementary. Anatomically
the vagina is designed to receive the penis. It is lined
with squamous epithelium and is surrounded by a muscular
tube intended for penile intromission. The rectum, on the
other hand, is lined with a delicate mucosal surface and a
single layer of columnar epithelium intenuea primarily ror
the reabsorption of water and electrolytes. The rectum is
incapable of mechanical protection against abrasion and
severe damage to the colonic mucosa can result if objects
that are large, sharp, or pointed are inserted into the
rectum (Agnew, 1986).
The anus and rectum, unlike the vagina contain no
natural lubricating function. Thus insertion of
unlubricated objects or inadequate dilation of the anus
before insertion of a large object can result in tissue
laceration. "The internal and external anal sphincters are
elastic rings of muscle which generally remain tightly
constricted except during defecation. The anal sphincters
are also intended for material to pass through them in a
direction that leads out of the body. When an attempt is
made to insert something in the reverse direction, the
muscles of the sphincter constrictw (Agnew, 1986).
From the perspective of pathology and pathophysiology,
the varied sexual practices of homosexual men have resulted
in a diverse and expanded concept of sexually transmitted
disease and associated trauma. Four general groups of
conditions may be encountered in homosexually active men:
classical sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea,
infections with chlamydia trachomatis, syphilis, herpes
simplex infections, genital warts, pubic lice, scabies);
enteric diseases (infections with hig gel la species,
Campylobacter jejuni, Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia
lamblia, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis non-A, non-B,
and cytomegalovirus); trauma (fecal incontinence,
hemorrhoids, anal fissure, foreign bodies, rectosigmoid
tears, allergic proctitis, penile edema, chemical sinusitis,
inhaled nitrite burns, and sexual assault of the male
patient); and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)"
(Owen, 1985) .
A study of sexually transmitted diseases in
heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals reported from
Copenhagen in 1988 (Christopherson), demonstrated that the
profile of diseases was strongly correlated to sexual life-
style. tlAmoebiasis and giardiasis were found respectively
in 31.9% and 13'.8% of homosexuals. None of the
heterosexuals had pathologic protozoa ... Among males with
homosexual partners, 14% had rectal infections. Gonococcal
and chlamydia1 infections were equally frequent. Three
percent had symptomatic anorectal herpes simplex infection
and 11% anal warts...Urethral gonorrhea and/or chlamydia
infections were diagnosed in 39% of heterosexuals compared
to only 10% of homosexuals and bisexuals. Twelve percent of
the homosexuals had untreated early syphilis, whereas
syphilis was exceptional among heterosexuals. The total
burden of infections expressed as the actual number of
infections was largest among homosexuals, 40.4%, 22.4%, and
5.3% having one, two, and three infections respectively."
In addition to infection, trauma and tumors are the
primary problems related to the anorectum in homosexual men.
Anal penetration without
lubrication against a resistant sphincter will result in
abrasive trauma, causing fissures, contusions, thrombosed
hemorrhoids, lacerations with bleeding, pain, and psychic
traumaw (Bush, 1986). The most severe type of anorectal
trauma follows fist fornication which during the 1970s was
practiced by approximately 5% of the male homosexual
population (Geist, 1998). It should be noted that this
activity is occasionally practiced by heterosexual and
lesbian couples. This technique of anal eroticism involves
having the partner insert their hand and forearm into the
rectum for erotic stimulation. "The insertion of such a
large object as a hand or fist creates the potential for
rupture of the rectum or severe damage to the anus or rectal
wallstv (Agnew, 1996). ItParticipants frequently use drugs to
produce inhibition or relaxation, thereby clouding
appropriate responses to painful stimuli. Injuries
sustained in this sexual activity generally tend to be
severer and account for most sphincter injuries, as well as
a disproportionate number of the lacerations, perforations,
and deaths seen in connection with anal eroticismtt (Geist,
In addition to infections and trauma, tumors are a
rlsK ror homosexual men. Homoosexual behavior in
men is a risk factor for anal cancer. Squamous-cell anal
cancer is also associated with a history of genital warts,
an association suggesting that papillomavirus infection is a
cause of anal cancerw (Daling, 1997). Anal warts are
commonly found among individuals who practice anal
intercourse and only rarely found among heterosexuals
practicing vaginal intercourse. "In one series of 260
homosexual men seen by proctologists, 134 (51.5 percent) had
anal warts. They may occur anywhere in the anal-genital
area but are particularly common in the anus of homosexual
menw (Quinn, 1994). This infection appears to be correlated
with the higher incidence of anal cancer in homosexual men.
From an
anatomical (structure) and physiological (function) point of
view it is indisputable that the human sexes are complementary.
It is absolutely clear that anatomically and
physiologically the alimentary and reproductive systems in
humans are separate organ systems; i.e., the human does not
have a cloaca. Likewise it is clear that even primitive
cultures understand the nature of waste elimination, sexual
intercourse, and the birth of children. These simple "scientifictt facts
are the same in any culture - patriarchal or matriarchal,
modern or primitive, Jewish or gentile, etc. The anatomic
and physiologic facts of alimentation and reproduction
simply do not change based on any cultural setting. In
fact, the logical complementarity of the human sexes has
been so recognized in our culture that it has entered our
vocabulary in the form of naming various pipe fittings
either the male fitting or the female fitting depending upon
which one interlocks within the other. When the
complementarity of the sexes is breached, injuries and
diseases may occur as noted above.
Therefore, based on the simplest known anatomy and
physiology, when dealing with the complementarity of the
human sexes, one can simply say, Res ipsa loquitur - the
thing speaks for itself.....
111-116, no matter what bullshit you post, your deep seated homosexual feelings are not going away. Nobody who spends as much time as you thinking and obsessing about gay sex is straight.
this is why you move to canada.
I wish that there might have been reaction shots during her speech. At the end of her speech, just before the video ends, the body language of the persons in view all pretty much look like head down, tail between legs. They're wrong, and they know it.

Bob, we are sorry to hear about your inner struggles and demons.
but you shouldn't assume that everyone is as confused as you are.
the way you stalk the troll suggests you still have unresolved issues.
@74- He claims to be a middle aged white man with a job and a family.

Given how feeble his attachment to honesty is, I suspect that at least part of that is a lie.
120, I'm on Slog because I'm a gay man, and I enjoy the news and arts from a gay perspective. What brings you here? Why is the primary focus in your life gay sex?

now now Bob.


Danny's told you a million times that most anal is hetero.

haven't you been paying attention?

if you didn't stalk the troll so obsessively you might not miss the world passing you by......

123, So you're here because you enjoy anal sex?

Bob, stupidity isn't a good color on you.....

Anal sex is a practice that carries a heavy load of collateral damage.

Homosexuals like Danny want to pretend it is 100% FOOLPROOF and SAFE then squeal like bitches for "someone" to cure the STDs that inevitably follow.

Education is the beginning of effective public health.

Slog is a target rich environment if ignorance or willful distortion is your enemy.....

20% (so far....) of sexually active homosexuals have HIV.

As a proud out gay boy are you OK with that?
125, Yet you you still post about anal & gay sex day and night, and now you let it slip that you engage in anal sex.

As a proud and out gay boy are you OK with the fact that 20% of homosexuals have HIV?

and why do you think that is?
127, after the guy is done fucking you in the ass, do you hate yourself and swear you'll never do it again? If you just accept you homosexuality, you won't have to hate yourself anymore.
@127 For "sexual health" the only safe sex is no sex. Period. I have no sex, ever, by choice. Not religious, not some fear of the unknown (still have better chances of being struck by lightning than getting a STD from "gay" sex) ... but simply because I don't like or enjoy sexual activity, have much better things to spend my time doing, like telling you to STFU. Really, STDs are on a rise in "straight" populations because of a lack of fear, actually, and on a decline in "gay" populations because of the increase in fear. You probably have some lame brained excuse for this, but it's truth, fact, and countradicts any of your assumptions.

Fact of the matter though, for gay men this is a strong case "for" anal sex, the most sensitive nerve endings are in the prostate, meaning, for a truly "glorious" time, anal sex is the only way men can have great orgasms, otherwise you may as well just masturbate and get it over with.

The sad thing is that you cannot in any way say you are more sexually pure than I am, but you will try. To compound that, you are just plain wrong in all your "facts" ... so wrong that it's almost dangerous ... sadly in order to preserve freedom of speech you have to be allowed to spew your complete nonsense.
Why is it that Seattleblues is so focused on homosexuality only being about physical attraction without ever considering that two people of the same sex could also have romantic feelings for each other?

I assume the reason he married his wife has nothing to do with thousands of years of tradition but because he loves her and wanted to share his life with her. So why can't two people of the same sex who love each other have the same right?

I notice he shuts up whenever this argument comes up, probably because he doesn't have a glib, sarcastic answer he can fall back on.
@110, (KittenKoder), the law in question does not make bullying itself illegal per se, unless it rises to whatever level Michigan requires for anti-harassment laws to apply. Rather, it requires school districts to adopt anti-bullying policies. No one's going to jail fall calling someone a bad name.

Seeing as we mandate that kids go to school, it kind of behooves us to at least *try* to provide some level of safety to them while they're in the building. We don't expect 12-year-olds to have the same ability to shrug things off that we expect of adults.
@111-116: Quote from James W. Holsinger's paper "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality", written for his church in 1991, and which he has since claimed does not represent his current views and is not an example of his scientific work (citation!).
Sorry, science is not on your side here.

@129: "for a truly "glorious" time, anal sex is the only way men can have great orgasms, otherwise you may as well just masturbate and get it over with."
Excuse me, you don't have a dick. Do I go around telling women how they can and can't have orgasms? No, I'd probably get arrested if I did. You and your ovaries can butt out and keep koding those kittens.
@131 That I don't see a problem with, it's that politician scum like to run with things like this and abuse it. However, I was bullied in elementary school, and because of it I actually spent more time in higher grades learning instead of worrying about stupid social interactions ... so the effects of generic bullying are not always negative.

@132 Nice, I based what I typed on biology, you based your response on a latent fear of homosexuality. My comment was a bit lewd ... but it was to remind the anti-gay freaks that there's more to the story than they are willing to admit, not saying that everyone should be gay. Which I am betting is what you read it as. Here's the problem though, you really have not been paying attention to my posts at all, odd that you actually read that one, for if you had paid attention to my other posts you'd know I speak from experience.
@133- You're a clown.
@133, what are you talking about, 'politician scum'? Can you give me an example of an elected official abusing a law like this one?

Do you honestly believe that the bullying you received had no negative effects on you, long-term? Because social interactions are not stupid, they are human. The ones that happen in high school may be juvenile, but they are training for how we interact as adults.

Also, please don't make the assumption that just because you survived it, it can't be that bad for everyone.
. . . and wow. If *you'd* been paying attention, you'd know that venomlash is not homophobic in the slightest. He's kind of awesome, actually.

His point was that you *cannot* speak from experience, not having a prostate.
@136: Actually, my point was that she can't speak from experience, not having a penis. I have perfectly awesome sex that doesn't involve my ass at all.
But thank you for your favorable assessment.
@135: "Do you honestly believe that the bullying you received had no negative effects on you, long-term? Because social interactions are not stupid, they are human. The ones that happen in high school may be juvenile, but they are training for how we interact as adults."

KK simply doesn't give a shit about any of the people surrounding her.
@137 Who says I don't? Seriously ... who says I don't?

@138 I love when people pay attention, because you actually hit the nail on the nose with that one. You're right, I do no longer care, though it wasn't because of the bullying, it was because of the phony "I care" people. Sadly the phony "I care" people are the majority.

But here's what being bullied did teach me:

1. People who are honest are mean. Sound rather defeatist but it's proven true too often to ignore.

2. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more important than learning. Human interaction in real life is ... well ... useless. People crave drama and create it for no reason other than to feed their inner troll. Bullies are the original trolls, the first trolls to ever exist. Once you learn to deal with them, you learn a valuable life lesson.

3. Society is nothing but people wishing everyone else would just conform to their ideals. Bullies tend to just have differing ideals than the majority and push them a little stronger. But that's all society is, just conformity. I really hate how the word "conformity" sounds now, thanks to the goths, but it's the only fitting one here.
@139: "Who says I don't? Seriously ... who says I don't?"
You say so, actually. (here)
@139, no answer for my request for a citation? Are you seriously just trolling, here?

I'm left wondering how a person ends up so damaged as the persona you describe.
@140 Touche .... but meh.
@141 Years of psychological, medical, and religious abuse by mother and doctors, that's how. You should give it a try.
But still no answer for my request to cite your claim that politicians abuse these kinds of law. I'm not the one creating drama here. That would be you.
can you get over how smoking hot Sen Whitmer is?
@140: "You say so, actually"

Lawl. Can't keep up the bullshit.

@143: And yet you regularly support conservatives here who endorse psychological, medical, and religious abuse. Not surprising, but sad.
Once you get my brother started, he just won't shut up. We're all sick of him.

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