Gubernatorial wannabe and anti-health-care crusader Rob McKenna is holding a campaign kick-off breakfast tomorrow morning, but The Stranger, if you can believe it, is not allowed inside. After I emailed the campaign to RSVP, I got a call back from McKenna-protector Adam Faber explaining, "Tomorrow's event is for invited press only, and we didn't invite The Stranger."

Pray tell, was it something we said?

"This is very simple and it is all I intend to say," Fabar intentionally said. "The Stranger's editorial director has made a $500 donation to our opponent and political blogger, Mr. Goldstein, is listed on the PDC reports as the head of a political action committee called the No Rob PAC. I think that speaks for itself."

Well, Adam, it's actually called the No Reversing Our Benefits PAC. But—speaking of things that speak for themselves—if you think that a PAC to preserve health care benefits is the same as a PAC against Rob, then that confirms Rob is the exact same thing as reversing benefits.

Just so everybody's clear on this one matter: According to the McKenna campaign, Rob McKenna = repealing health care benefits.

They're on the record.