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Eh hem... W.
Honestly? I was shocked and a little horrified that this man was EVER seen as a viable candidate for anything long before he officially entered the race. The man proved he was an idiot long before his current gaffes.

I mean seriously; how could anyone take a man running for president seriously after his reactionary and vocal "talk" of Texas seceding from the US after Obama took office? A man who openly called for a state to revolt against the union suddenly wants to become the leader of that union?

Further study of the moron that I did after hearing this made it quite clear that this was someone who was barely competent enough to stand and breath at the same time, let alone lead any body of government. And that goes for being governor. Texas really screwed the pooch on that decision.
@1 Yep.
I bet Evangelicals still want him. Lack of intelligence never stopped them. He makes GWB look positvely smart.

Yeah. Yeah, they are.

Don't ask me how that fucking paradigm shift happened. Ann Richards was a smart lady.
Texas for the win!

Hey, come on, in Texas, an Armadillo can be elected Governor ... and usually is.
Republicans don't care how stupid someone is. It almost seems like they vote for stupid people on purpose.
@7 They absolutely will enjoy voting for stupid people as a way to have revenge against the smarty-pants scientists and humanists who (even inadvertently) criticize or disprove religious behaviors and beliefs.
They also know the Governor in Texas has little power except to sign/veto bills and execute people. The Lt. Governor actually has far more power.
they should of asked him to list as many executive agencies as he can...
The people of Texas spoke for themselves in electing this bufoon to represent them. Enough said. I think the country as a whole had taken on enough to the error of the Texan voters.
You faincy libunatics will never learn yourselfs!

Aggressive, sadistic stupidity is an a$$et in Texas!
@1: Yessir.
He can't be THAT dumb!

Actually Perry is not particularly popular in Texas either, his slash-spending-at-all-costs mentality scares even conservatives. But an incumbent Republican in the south has to really screw up to get voted out.
@11: didn't Perry get the jerb after being Lt. Gov., when W was installed in DC in the Coup of 2000?
Sure wish Molly Ivans was around to grill this dumb dog. I had no idea he was *that* stupid until last night, though. Sheesh.

Initially. But the Texans loved him so much they decided to keep him on. Three times!
@18, it was either that or elect a Democrat (whom I voted for). But that won't happen here.
To be fair, the only real requirement of the governor job in Texas is to be able to sit upright in a chair without falling over.
That's Texas politics for you. Perry was successful as a governor of Texas precisely because he just did as the Old Boy network asked. The Texas Railroad Commissioner is actually more powerful than the governor.
@20 that is not actuallly a requirement. 'Member when W fell out of his chair and hit his head eating a pretzel?
I can't believe how sanctimonious y'all are getting about this - as if you did such a bang-up job by putting Gregoire in office repeatedly.
@23, the big difference is that she is not brain-dead. Incompetent? Sure. But she's not dumb; just ineffectual.

Perry is a total goof.

Just how many jobs has Texas added in the past 10 years?

and how many has Washington State lost?


you deserve to live in the shithole you have made.....
What an incredibly salient point.
@25 that Texas job creation "miracle" canard has been debunked thoroughly. It wasn't perry and never has been.…
@25 Gotta second @27 here. Last I heard, the actual reason Texas is creating jobs is because its residents rut like bunnies.
Someone who -- with a straight face -- arranged for prayer circles to break Texas' drought couldn't possibly rub enough neurons together for any coherent thought.

So anyway, now that Perry's out of Energy, I think this means Romney is the most likely GOP candidate next year. Time to break out the popcorn.

A Perry/Obama debate would have been irresistible to watch.
@30, I'm hoping for a Biden vs. Cain debate. I there is only one VP debate, but it could be hilarious.

nice link.
that says that texas creates more jobs.
and has lower than average unemployment.

if perry didn't create them who did?
can we bring them to Washington?
Sure, Alleged. Let's destroy all the public sector careers and replace them with lots and lots of low-wage, part-time contractor gigs, high-turnover service sector McJobs, and under-the-table illegal labor. After all, that's the Texas Miracle Way! Who cares if it relies heavily on immigration and vastly inflated petrochemical industry profits? IT'S A MIRACLE!
@32: It has more jobs, but the rise in jobs hasn't kept up with the rise in population. Unemployment has actually INCREASED under Perry, even if it still is below average. Nice cherry-picking.
@32 your reading comprehension is a little low today.
Texas is big, but our governor's power is pretty tiny.. Perry had more power when serving under Bush, and right now we're pretty fucked:
@28 " Last I heard, the actual reason Texas is creating jobs is because its residents rut like bunnies."

Actually, they have it less, it's just with their abstinence-only education system*, they get pregnant every time they look at each other cross-eyed and miraculously bring most babies to term even with their incredibly low rates of health coverage and prenatal care.

* Please note that their goal appears to be to abstain from all education, not just sex-ed.
"Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention."

--Molly Ivins
No, it just means that Texans are dumb enough to have Rick Perry for their governor. 3x over.
Finally, you all are starting to get it! The Texas Governor has no power - all real power lies with the leutenant governor. As a general rule,and by design- Texas has no effective government -- after Santa Anna and Reconstruction - can you blame us?

The questions is - why has it taken you so long to figure this out? Who is stupid now?
Don't blame me, I voted for Kinky.
Here's my favorite Molly Ivins video, from the The Dildo Diaries on Texan sex laws.
Man, fuck you guys. Texas has a greater population than Australia. The DFW area alone has a greater population than Washington State. Don't act like you can judge all these people based on one idiot.

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