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Hey, if I just start listing the things I like in my pornstars (hehe... "things I like in my pornstars"), could we turn Slog into a search engine for that? Sure, it'll take a few days to get complete results, but it seems like someone looking for something specific could get very precise results around here.
I like, no, make that love, armpit hair. I don't care how hot the body, if the pits have no hair, it's an automatic minus ten points!
Peter is hot but I don't know if he personifies Asian tops. He does blow away the twink sterotype of asian guys that's for sure. But slim asian guys are tops as well so let's not get into muscle means top and slim means bottom. That is part of the problem
If your body looks like a plastic action figure, you've gone way too far.
Ah, the "Situ-Asian"! The photo gives him a bit of a pinhead effect, but why quibble?…
Hot body, but that photo's cropped too high to tell if he defies the one Asian stereotype I'm concerned with.
That body type always reminds me of the steers the 4-H kids used to bulk up for the county fair. Steroidy, not hot.
Downtown Taylor,
I've seen other pics of Peter, and yes, he is proof that the other Asian stereotype in question is also false.

I generally don't go for the Bodybuilder types, but Peter Le is an exception. But I still prefer Brandon Lee (who also proves the Asian stereotypes wrong).
I thought Brandon Lee was mega-hot before he got all the tattoos.
The Tattoos do detract a bit, but he's still hot under them.
his pre-steroid self was hot. but now...ick. hope he gets off em. and love the juxtaposition of bad-ass tats below his pretty face.
Brandon Lee the action star, son of Bruce Lee, is dead.

Brandon Lee the porn actor is alive and well. He went into the navy and now runs a catering business in San Francisco.
I personally have no problem about Asian doms being in demand. More for me :p
sorry, NOT being in demand

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