The 46th is split between the 1st CD and the 7th CD.
Will Jay Inslee weigh in to represent those of us fortunate enough to not be part of the 7th CD?
What happened to previous Goldy prediction that elevation of Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney to White's Senate seat was all but certain?
I've lost considerable respect for Jim McDermott for inserting himself into the race in the 46th. He is not a resident nor a voter in the 46th and knows little about the slate of people vying to fill the House seat. I deeply wish he had stayed out of it.
@2: Clearly, I was wrong. That happens sometimes.
@2: Oh, and if you really want to see me get these wrong, just look at my election day predictions. Man... I got walloped.
Jim McDermott is currently living in Lake City.
Does Jav want to be in the Legislature? If he did, wouldn't he have run for that House seat last time?

That said, I think he would be a prime asset in Olympia.
Well, Javier is obviously starting to grow on me, because other than Justin Simmons, he's the only person on this list who seems up to the job.

Although, I'll admit I have no idea who the hell Sly, Tatsuko, and Dusty are. With those bitchin' names, after they lose the PCO election, they could maybe start a band.
Pollett equals yuck. Big ego. Big Old White Establishment Guy. Big Stand on the Children -- anti-teacher's union-- activist. No. No. No. Gabe is all friendly n stuff but does not seem ready for prime time. Sarajane? Party activist does not equal party appointee. Simmons? Maybe. He dresses up well and has the dem biz folks downtown. Perhaps Cann for the sympathy vote. McDermott inserting himself in the race was tacky. Demerits for Valdez.
Justin Simmons has decided not to run for the open House seat. He is joining Congressman Jim McDermott, former 46th District Sen. Ken Jacobsen, 46th District Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney and other district leaders in support of Javier Valdez.

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