UPDATE 6:54 PM: The Republican foreign policy debate is over, and it was super-boring. Thanks to everyone for Slogging along with me! Here's what we learned:

If it weren't for his stance on abortion and a couple other social issues, a lot of Slog readers would probably vote for Jon Huntsman. Plus, the majority of us approved of his bright purple tie.

Ron Paul continues to appeal to progressive voters when he talks about foreign policy and terrify progressive voters when he talks about virtually everything else.

Now that he's the frontrunner(ish), Newt Gingrich is going to be magnanimous and talk about how the real enemy is Barack Obama. He does a mean hungover high school history teacher impression.

Rick Santorum missed the memo that massive government spending is not what Republicans want to hear right now. He still looks and sounds like he's trying to pass a kidney stone every time he talks.

The bad news is that Mitt Romney's cloak of invisibility failed. The good news is that he was still totally unmemorable.

When Michele Bachmann isn't totally crazy, she's almost as forgettable as Mitt Romney.

Herman Cain's foreign policy consists of asking someone else what they'd do.

Apparently, Rick Perry is going to just make jokes about how dumb Rick Perry is from now on.

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There's a goddamned Republican debate tonight, and it's about foreign goddamned policy. Because what better time is there to argue the finer points of your batshit crazy foreign policy plan than Saturday night? Follow along at CBSNews.com, and join me in the comments if you have nothing better to do.