I was just thinking the other day: the logical extension of the kind of government that I believe in leads to Sweden. The logical extension of the kind of government that my millionaire firned who resents all taxes is Somalia. I haven't actually visited either place, though, so maybe they are equally lovely...
"It's sadly that simply"? I take it English isn't your strong suit?
perhaps the millionaires could move to Sweden and pay all the taxes they wish....
For all the whining Republicans do about the "Hollywood Liberal Elite" I can't figure out why they give so much weight to Grover Norquist, a stand-up comedian.
@4 - I don't actually know much about Grover Norquist, but his first name has been forever ruined (or improved?) by Jim Henson's people. I always picture him as the Muppet Grover in a suit, blathering about things he doesn't understand, like the economy or the difference between near and far.
What is a serious millionaire? I'd say 138 out of 3 million warrants a different adjective here. Government now spends over 40% of our GDP. There is no other number that better explains what is happening in the US economy.
@2, welcome to our planet. hang about a little bit longer and you will find more mistakes. what a thrill.
Good Morning Charles,
I disagree. It isn't that simple. Should the Obama Administration succeed in "recovering the economy", so be it. I, for one would be satisfied especially if there was a graphic dip in the unemployment rate. That's the key stat.
I would congratulate him and his administration should that occur. It might not get me to vote (there ARE other issues) for him but I would acknowledge him and his administration. But the economy of this country is far more complicated and I'm dubious that anyone can rescue it.

For the record, while I think it mean-spirited and arrogant for Kentucky GOP Senator Mitch McConnell to utter that his sole goal to get Obama out-of-office. It is no more so than a Democrat heck anyone who's sole goal was to wish the prior Pres. Bush out-of-office. Both serve/served for better but sometimes serve/served for worse depending on your point of view. I would shake hands with BOTH men and wish them well.
The reason it doesn't make sense for various random millionaires to make occasional extra tax payments is that it's not a predictable, regular revenue stream. Having windfall extra money come in every now and then is nice, but it does't actually help because you can't plan on it always being there. Sadly, this never gets talked about whenever millionaires ask to be taxed more.
@9: my sole goal during the bush junta was not to "wish" him out of office. i had several, one of which was doing my job. and mcconnell's job is the run the country through his positiion in the senate.

instead he and his fellow republicans are obstructing every issue, even routine business, put before the senate. he's not "wishing" obama out of office - he's doing everything he can to make it impossible for obama to carry out the job he was elected (by a substantial majority, not the SCOTUS) to perform.

he has clearly put loyalty to party above loyalty to country.

This is just a ploy like 1098 for the Government to raise taxes on the middle class.

Now that the stock market is kaput and growth nil, ever since Obama took office the only way to make a mint is to rob taxes from the Government. We saw it with TAARP, we saw it with stimulus, we see it with QE2 and QE3.

The point of this is that the top feeders have realized they need to con us into funneling our money into the Government so they can steal it.

@12: the possibility of taxes being misappropriated is a reason to carefully, vigilantly involve ourselves in how they are spent. It is no reason to drop the entire question of how to increase revenue.

The "top feeders" as you point out have identified the government as an easy source of income. I would not link the beginning of that trend to the beginning of the recession, though.

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