what a bunch of nimrods.

obviously the police are going to let the children do what ever the fuck they want and let the pretentious little shits piss off the true 99%....
"Claim it for the 99 percent."

What a fucking joke! When they shut down a bridge, or a busy downtown street, they're preventing everyone else from going about their daily lives. They're just a bunch of self-important, grandstanding pricks. They don't speak for me.
@2 Maybe there are things that are more important than people going about their daily lives?

I was stuck on the 49 for 50 minutes Tuesday evening, but I still support the protests.
@3, the problem is that you're suggesting that one group of people know which "things" are "more important" than going about their daily lives, and which "things" are less important.

You can use this reasoning to justify any type of inconsiderate behavior by people who claim to be doing it for your own good.
For anyone speaking against this action today, what would you rather have happen? A delay for two hours as people rally to call attention to the lack of investment in the bridge's infrastructure, or weeks to months of two hour delays because the bridge crumbled to the ground?

In any event, they've opened up this line of dialogue. Mission: success.
Thanks kids for doing your part to defeat Obama (I say that as an Obama voter) the same kind of juvenile asinine theatrics gave Nixon a landslide in 72. Unfortunately the people who have their heart in the right place are stuck in this anarchist clown car with no driver.
I personally have been inconvenienced our economy. I was not inconvenienced by a well-planned, promoted event that stopped rush-hour traffic. It shouldn't have been a surprise or inconvenience to you if you were paying a damn bit of attention. This event was not hoodlum Occupiers taking over a bridge. It was advertised and promoted weeks in advance. Maybe you should be a little bit more upset by our broken political and economical system?
Cannot believe your negativity. You really think Romney has a chance against Obama???
@8 - just in Utah. : )
Yay for the 1% who never leave Capitol Hill and think that fucking over their potential allies is a great protest strategy.

Occupy Seattle can eat a pile of cocks, says a former supporter with a sinus infection who got stuck out in the cold rain for hours because of those assholes.
@8 Romney is polling even with him right now and Obama probably will not get Florida again. If he doesn't hold on to N. Carolina he could easily lose.
@7: Closing a major thoroughfare at rush hour has major consequences throughout the entire region, you fucking idiot. Especially when your stupid ass causes hours-long bus delays on routes that can't reroute around a canal. Not everyone has the luxury to not go to work in order to avoid this shit.
Jesus. Seriously, when did Sloggers turn en masse against Occupy? Every thread about OS now is just a bunch of tightassed bitter old naysayers.

You sound like Statler and Waldorf without a sense of humor, guys. Where the fuck is your staying power? Last week Slog was all about mass action and stickin' it to the man and whatnot, and now this?

@13 you really think preventing us from getting to work/school/ daycare endears us to this nonsense?
Funny, people will complacently sit stopped at a bridge while one rich guy motors his multi-million dollar yacht through the cut, but when 1,000 poor & middle-class people stop traffic on that same bridge to protest a broken economic system that rewards those same rich people for fucking things over for the rest of us, and suddenly it's "what a bunch of inconsiderate dicks".
@12, while engaged in the pressing matter of throwing a hissy fit, you seem to have forgotten that the whole point of the protests is that there are a lot of people who have more "luxury to not go to work" than they can handle.

Count your blessings before you ragepost, doofus. There are more important matters than your sniffles.
@15 Hello, straw man argument

I suspect it's because many of these commenters are the sort of people who are all for "sticking it to the man", just so long as it doesn't cause them any personal inconvenience or require any sort of actual sacrifice on their part.
@16 keep on chanting in your drum circle dumb fuck. You become more of a rudderless boat and joke by the minute.

How so?
Ah, I see. It must be Freepers Night here on SLOG tonight.

Can I buy you a drink, ladies?

"hours-long bus delays"? Please show where this happened. About 5pm Metro started rerouting buses that use the univ bridge and resumed normal operation around 6:30pm. That's not hours-long delays.

Can't be rerouted? Metro reroutes them via the Montlake bridge. They've done this in the past and announced this afternoon that that was the plan today. But it does sound like some buses were still caught up in traffic and/or decided not to try a reroute.

"major thoroughfare"? Eh, that's debatable. Sure, if you use that bridge you'd consider it a major thoroughfare. But whenever I look down on it from I-5, I realize it's not a *major* thoroughfare at rush hour. Montlake bridge is more major, what with everyone trying to get on the 520, etc. Lots of people heading south or north from UW take I-5. Busy yes. Were you around in 2007 when the sinkhole shut down the bridge for a day or so?
Thank you, Comte, for bringing up those damned summer sailboats which close the Montlake and we all sit there, uncomplaining, because of course they have a right to do so because they could afford those boats.

Don't be so hard on @12 - I imagine where he comes from "major thoroughfare" is the one with the traffic light on it...
Commuting in Seattle is shitty enough. We don't need jackasses out there making it worse. I still support the movement, but they need to stop alienating the general public. And also, while I'm ranting, fucking go home already. Its officially shit weather from here on out. You've got attention. Everyone is talking about you. Time to implement phase two of the plan... if there is a phase two.
@13, I've noticed a-lot of new registered commenters here since the Occypy movement started. A troll is a troll, whether they register or not!
I was there, but I was just looking for the $1.4 trillion in bailouts over the past few years by the Federal Reserve (a private corporation that has devalued the dollar by 95% through inflation) and Pres. Obama. Since there was only $800 billion circulating in '08 and now there is nearly 3 times that, I figure there should be money and jobs everywhere!
Covered worldwide.

CBC coverage.

First rule of riot control - escalation by police is the wrong response 99% of the time.

@25, speak for yourself. I work two blocks from the bridge and I'm not alienated - I'm pleased as punch! But then, I lecture my daughter about the moral value of good building code enforcement for fun.
I know! Let's all form a wall around the OS camp tomorrow. When they're tired and hungry from their day of "work", we'll physically block them from getting back to their tents. Not for long, just an hour or two. And we'll chant "The People's Microphone!1!" every time they try to speak. Seems fair given how they treat everyone else.

Or we could search for inclusive ways to protest and fix real problems (or is that a 1% troll sentiment?)
@22, the problem is that the canal cuts the city in half. I was trying to get out of Eastlake for an hour tonight (my trip home is usually 10 minutes). Eastlake is well-traveled, certainly not the busiest street, but it's one of the few thoroughfares from Roosevelt/Wallingford/U-District to Eastlake, SLU and Capitol Hill. And at least on the south side of things, the bridge closure turned the entire area was a big clusterfuck. Just about every side street was jammed with people just trying to get out of the area.

@15, you've made a number of straw man arguments in the comments lately which seem to revolve around your (mistaken) assumption that people are either 1) furious with the robber barons in this country and therefore okay with these types of actions or 2) not paying attention and more obsessed with their own petty daily lives, and that 2a) these people "go ballistic if their afternoon commute is inconvenienced by a few minutes, but don't seem to give a rat's patootie that rich fucks are literally stealing them blind at every opportunity." It is entirely possible to be paying attention and to be involved in making things change, AND to disagree with these particular tactics.

Also, what @4 said. If every group in town starts blocking streets and roads and bridges to draw attention to their particular issue, determining that it's "more important", where does it end? And why are we all just supposed to accept that this tactic is the best (and only!) one, and if we don't agree, then we are just ignorant, petty drones sucking at the teat of the 1%?
@31, you criticize someone for using a straw man argument, then turn around and use a slippery slope argument. Douche!
@30: You go and gather all your supporters and give it a try.
Bike cops and Bama's coming
We're live and on the run
This winter I heard the blogging
Four sprayed right in the nose!
Fuck yeah Goldy!
These guys are shooting themselves in the foot and losing would be supporters.
Quincent, read my comment @26. I'm onto you, troll! And I have sent a Slog tip regarding people (or is there only one of you) like you. Why don't you and the other right-wingers who have been posting here lately unhide your comment history.

The have every legal right to shut down the bridge and stop traffic...same as any cabin cruiser that toots its horn.

Its called the Primacy of Right of way.

Boats before cars.
Feet before all!
Blocking traffic during rush hour isn't "sticking it to the man." It's sticking it to average people, many of whom have real responsibilities.

Worse still, there's as much evidence to suggest that OWS is going to change things as there is to suggest that Reagan brought down the Soviet Union. It's a faith-based movement, no different from the big prayer-rally Perry held in Texas. As stupid as that was, at least they didn't physically prevent people from getting to their jobs and picking up their kids.
@36 and others who openly fear that this movement will bring us a Republican president, I like to think we are a more progressive nation than we were when Nixon was elected. I won't start to worry until I hear the Republicans talking about law and order in the same breath as bashing the Occupy movement.
There could have been, or may have been, someone in a medical emergency that was planning to use the bridge and was delayed. Of course, when filled with such arrogance as Occupy protesters are - such thoughts and considerations simply don't enter their selfish little minds.
This whole 99% thing is no different from how politicians are always claiming to speak for "the American People".

How about just not claiming that you can speak for, or represent, everyone in the country or even almost all of them?

And please stop keeping regular people from doing what they need to do. Go occupy Olympia or Broadmoor. I'd get behind that.
Why do guys fear a Republican President, since Uncle Bama orchestrated an illegal coordinated raid among independently elected non Federal political organizations against the person and property of its own citizens violating all guarantees of states rights and more in a single day!!!

How much worse could it get???

Look, I have held back thinking that this was more than a flash in a pan.

Current opinion...we are at the birth of a once every two centuries Revolution that will not stop.
@32, actually it was @17 who accused Comte of the straw man. I was just providing the evidence, which Comte requested of @17. Actually Comte's argument is even sillier now that I think about it, because when a bridge opens to let those evil disgusting millionaires' yachts through, the opening lasts 4-5 minutes, and then traffic resumes. The millionaires don't just park their yachts under the open bridge for however long they feel like, forcing everyone above to sit and wait. They pass through, the bridge closes, and everyone gets on their way.

And I'm genuinely curious about the question I posed, which you were unable to answer (but you could resort to namecalling! Oooh!).
@37, you're on to me, huh? Try this, braniac: And before registration I was commenting on slog as "rb" from like the week it fucking started. Try harder and tip all the fuck you want, dumbass.

Take a break from the boiler room you paid troll and light up a camel.

I wrote this elsewhere originally for people not from Seattle, but am going to mirror here, since it is more effective locally, obviously:

First things first, I agree with, have marginally taken part in and am all for OWS.

Second things more importantly: To get anywhere in Seattle north to south you have the choice of two high occupancy bridges (Ship Canal and Aurora) and four other surface bridges (Montlake, University, Fremont and Ballard). That is it. No other way to get to where you wanna go north or south of the canal or lakes if that is what you need to do.

Today's shutting down of the University Bridge incenses me. Utter idiocy and just writing this makes me seethe even more.

My girlfriend's sister was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (5 months ago or so). She's very young (23), she's beautiful, strong and athletic. She lives in Eastlake, just south of the University bridge and a little under the Ship Canal (I-5 bridge). We live around the other side of the lake (North of Queen Anne), thus must utilize the fucking bridge, one of the FOUR ESSENTIAL bridges this fucking city depends on to get north and south. But nooooooo.

Well, sis has been getting multiple injections to fight this MS and they just fucking upped her dose yesterday. Well. . . . . . She had a fucking reaction today and was running a fucking fever and couldn't fucking move. Guess what else couldn't move? Oh I dunno, people that needed to get to her because traffic is blocked by these fucking asshats who A) don't have a clue as to what pieces of infrastructure are essential and B) How not to piss off sympathizers.

These fools shut down the entire city for a time today. There are FOUR (4) routes to get north and south. They chose to close one down at RUSH HOUR on a Thursday. They put my, for all intents and purposes, sister in law's life at risk, because we could not reach her. So OS, FUCK YOU and learn a little bit about positive outcomes to your antics and who the fuck they might affect.

I'm still with you, but fuck you, you put people's lives in danger today and if not that, made some of us worry even more than necessary. Her doctor and the hospital is north of that bridge you blocked. Let's get the asshats who come up with these stunts outta there, OK?

If you knew one goddamned thing about this city and gave a single fuck for it, you would not block one of it's necessary bridges when sick people in an emergency may need to come and go across a 100 foot span without having to swim.
Look, I love the Occupy people. I admire their activism, I support what they're doing, and I have nothing but gratitude for how they've elevated this ruinous wealth disparity issue into the national conversation.

The problem is it doesn't really matter what point the Occupy folks were making tonight. It doesn't matter that they tried--possibly even succeeded on some level, for a few folks here and there--at raising awareness around infrastructure. What matters is the optics of claiming to speak for and support "the 99%" while inconveniencing and infuriating those very same 99%.

It's classic ineffectual liberalism: We assume people will grasp the rational arguments and understand the symbolism while we completely disregard the reality of people trying to get shit done. We put the ideals above the actual.

The 99% brand, which is the most important and resonant thing the Occupy movement has, was badly muddied tonight. If the Occupy movement is to have any hope of creating real change, they simply can't afford to lose the working classes. Making people wait in traffic never inspires anybody...just ask those Critical Mass idiots.


Today a 2x4 dropped straight down from a 10 story building edge first into my skull creating a 4 inch deep rectangular hole.

I pulled the beam out with the help of some Good Samaritans and walked on. I was doing fine until you filled the hole up with your lies and garbage.

Now I have to drive to QFC to get a large spoon and scoop it out, but the part of my brain that does shopping is completely gone!

Will someone hook up with me on voice chat to guide me in?
Congratulations on killing all of your goodwill and credibility tonight, and showing your complete lack of understanding of context, history and perspective. Occupy Seattle may stay operational but for all intents and purposes the movement is dead man walking. Seattle is not going to continue supporting you after what you did tonight.

I'm glad I snuck out of work early and avoided the mess you caused.
Hey ass-hats, us 99%'ers that you claim to represent don't like to be stuck in traffic if we don't need to be. So instead of bugging the 99%'ers, go bug the 1%/politicians....Oh wait that takes more then just holding up a sign in the street...Ass-hats.
Slow night up at the station house?
Step 1) Start a smelly ass camp that no one wants
Step 2) Take over a bridge that everyone uses

Just some random things:

1. This was not quite an Occupy Seattle march AFAIK. It was presented by Working Wa, but many groups participated:

2. This was very well organized/planned (the above link is from a month ago)

3. It was incredibly peaceful

4. Traffic was re-routed, though I am sure it still sucked

5. I think shutting down the bridge was meant to be symbolic of the impact of not repairing the bridge: "We need this bridge, create jobs to fix it"

6. A little tangential: I have been in one march with Occupy Seattle where when an intersection was being occupied, people very quickly cleared to let an ambulance through (Pike and 1st perhaps?)

7. Slog readers are little bitches.
Those bridges are in dire need of repair and the workers that can do that are sitting idle. This was the protest. You can see chipped paint, creaking joints and holes everywhere. They need help. Yes, it did cause traffic -- but so does rain, snow, eagles' nests on 520 or errant tires flopping off the backs of trucks. Unlike those unplanned distractions, the Jobs Not Cuts rally had ample warning. It was ignored until it became the latest "look at what Occupy Seattle is planning now, gasp!" shot fired, even though Occupy Seattle wasn't the driving force behind this. We were outnumbered by bridge workers, teamsters, healthcare workers, teachers and the elderly, and even then, it was an exceptionally strong showing for Occupy.

Occupy went there in solidarity because that's when you do when you're hurting and you're needing and you bust your hump day in and day out to make things work out for yourself and those around you and all people can do is fish out some contrived traffic complaint in a city that shuts down over 2 flakes.

And what did Occupy do afterward? A large group of us lent support and voices to a legislative forum in support of mental health funding. People on Cap Hill are so incensed over the occupation of SCCC because of the homeless and people that need help who make up a quarter of active occupiers, but look at the root cause of what is turning people's noses up: it's cheaper for the state to treat someone -- highly successfully -- for a year than it is to hospitalize them and deal with mounting court, police and hospital costs for just 3 days. And often that recovery is lasting! But we're cutting those programs. Drastically.

The legislators in attendance welcomed us. They talked about income inequality, they talked about the need for safety nets and against all-cuts budgets. They referred to the 99% and talked about the 1% because in so many contexts right now, the idea and principle is relevant. Several of them stated plainly that they've occupied, they've lent support. There was even suggestion of good bills to push for, like Rep. Miloscia's Living Wage bill.

And they can't wait for Occupy to show up at the special session.

Why? We're active. Sometimes our actions slow your commute one evening here, a morning there, and sure sometimes louder voices are stronger than cooler heads, but we've remained overwhelmingly nonviolent as a movement, we've done all the actions people are afraid to do, and we've even managed to build rapport with legislators by contacting them or speaking their language.

I'm just one person that occupies and I'm not going to speak for all of the others, but I feel that the warm welcome we got tonight from the people that write and pass laws was a strong testament. The system may be broken, but at least people in that system recognize that some of us are taking the fight in a whole new and spirited direction that has been lacking lately.

If this is inconvenient and the news makes you angry, then fine. I grew up in deep south texas, queer and from a comanche family. I think I'm fine with people calling my life and our shared struggle inconvenient, but only because I know they're not. The news just reports it that way.
@55 Are the people who had to pay late fees to day care centers "little bitches," too? What about family members trying to get to sick loved ones? And people who couldn't get to work on time? Are they all "little bitches?"
@51: Um, this was an event planned a month in advance by non-Occupy entities. It was peaceful because the police had notice long ago and since they knew who was coming and when they didn't need to flip out.

Why did the info just barely come out through the news so recently? Well, why promote a protest by a non-newsworthy entity a month ago when you can wait 'til the last minute to report on it when you need to churn out your two minutes hate for the nightly news?

The info has been out there, flyers have been out there, the news agencies knew and the police knew.

@57: No, but people that lean heavily on hearsay and red herrings are.

The number of high-fives, honks, cheers and waves we got suggests a rather different reaction by actual traffic than the reaction anticipated by blog commenters.
@56: You (and Occupy in general) are suffering from an astounding lack of creativity. There are ways to get your points made, without impeding traffic or setting off life threatening ramifications (see @48). Think about it.

Sure am glad I'm fucking lying otherwise it would be true. Because if I was it wouldn't be serious. Seriously, how do you prove something other than telling it?

FACT ONE: GF's sister was diagnosed with MS

FACT TWO: Getting worse (hopefully better in the long run) with these (I guess experimental injections). Don't recall name of drug. Starts with an "I", I think.

FACT THREE: Doctor thinks it could be side effect from yesterday's stronger injection.

FACT FOUR: Lives in Eastlake and had reaction today.

FACT FIVE: Family gave a fuck and tried to get to her. This is MS, dick. Not a fucking sprained ankle or flu. Do you have anybody with MS in your life? If not, see FACT SIX:

FACT SIX: Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you. You weren't there. And as worked up as I am still because of NOT AN INCONVENIENCE in shopping or commuting patterns, but just you know wondering if she can move right now and shit and needed to get there, blocking a bridge in Seattle is fucking stupid if you give a fuck about people and actually grokked the realistic traffic patterns and "life patterns" in this city. Really though, fuck you.

ADDENDUM FACT: I didn't know anything about the cause of this gridlock until reading/seeing the news when I got home. Also, another fuck you. You go worry about someone with something you don't understand and comes and goes and then find out something you support 100% is the cause of why your day became even more full of stress. Also, fuck you once more. Citizens of Seattle don't block your own bridges. That is all.

Very earnest. God you people suck.
"We are Occupy Seattle. Until this shit gets straightened out, no commute is safe. Join us now, 'cause the sooner we get our power structure looking like something other than feudalism, the sooner your traffic delays can go back to being caused by the Blue Angels instead"
@61: Yeah, you're taking @50 as an Occupier -- he's not, and he's a "compassionate" conservative that parasitically chooses causes only to use them to inflame others. You're also taking him as someone that is serious -- again, he's not.

The truth about such actions is that we have never -- and will never -- directly prevent an ambulance from getting to where it needs to go, nor have we created a situation of inescapable total shutdown that would indirectly delay an ambulance. During the big rally where we stopped for a time at First and Pike, we let an ambulance through and got high-fives down the line. As a society we've also anticipated such things in giving ambulances and police cars and fire trucks sirens.

For personal commutes, we stood there and watched Montlake go to freeflow (as SDOT's maps suggested) and Aurora go to "I don't think you should drive that fast in the rain" flow (as streams of headlights suggested).

Also, several non-Occupy related accidents snarled traffic -- even for the marches. The unions, nurses, doctors, teachers and UW students were late because of a little bit of trickle over rain-related traffic.
@57 - if they are also slog readers, then yes. I recognize my blanket statement includes us both.
holler @56!!!!

In a few days most of us will be going back and forth between here and Olympia for the special session. We won't be befouling traffic every few days or whatever. I'll be a part timer down there, like most occupiers, because of work or school -- both in my case. Either way, we'll be there. Protesting, lobbying (like some of us did tonight) and maybe thumbing our noses at public sensibilities by having a drum circle (or not). But we'll be there.

Saving basic health, higher ed, social services and arguing for living wage laws and infrastructure jobs sound like a good set of talking points for you all?

Blink twice for yes.
@13 The Slog commentariate has never seemed to me to be dominated by lefties or progressives. Many of the regular commentors are kind of urban libertarians who mostly just want to be able to get boutique consumer items and being in the city allows them that. I like my boutique consumer items too, but I'm less inclined to sneer at community action when it seem quixotic.

The comparison to shutting down of bridges so the yachts and pleasure boats of the 1% can go through is not a bad comparison. I have often thought about their privilege over the years as I wait at the bridge, but I always have decided that the value to me of the ambiance of sail boats going in and out far outweighed the inconvenience and cost. I didn't mind that tiny piece of the social contract, but now with financiers, bankers, and politicians being more and more above the law I feel that social contract as it has existed since the New Deal has been betrayed. Even locally politics and development seem more corrupt and distainful of legal process than 20 years ago, let alone 35.

OWS please keep throwing yourselves into the cogs of the machine! It has been hard for me to participate because of family, but you have lifted away a layer of cynicism that had me not even talking about these issues anymore. It is great to be inspired that there are ways to impact the national dialogue without just rubber-stamping the party members.
Everyone who supported the protest still have not addressed how this protest was at all effective... Protesters probably lost more support than they gained.

Between bus delays, rerouting, and traffic, my overall commute from the U to south Seattle was doubled, totaling two hours!

And before anyone pins me as an armchair liberal, I have worked in social work and advocacy for almost six years... (certainly not for the pay).

Basically, you pissed more people off than you persuaded. Nothing else to blame than bad strategic advocacy. And if you don't believe there's any other way to advance your policy agenda (which I agree with) without pissing off your base (me), look at dicks like Tim Eyman... He actually persuades people of his diabolic schemes without pissing on his base.

Moral: good strategy anticipates all consequences.
@60 It is true there are ways to "speak" without blocking traffic. There is a new-fangled entity call the "free speech zone" where those wishing to exercise their constitutional right to assemble and engage in free speech can be fenced in away from those who might be swayed or offended by their speech.

Hey @56. Thanks for bringing up mental health. I was shocked to see that the Gregoire administration is looking to save money be emptying people out of Western State Hospital. For each one of those candidates for money saving release, there have already been many social workers, lawyers, doctors, and family members trying to find a different place for them. There is a reason the long term patients/prisoners are there. For the most part the specialized facilities and intensity of supervision and care just doesn't exist outside of Western State for them. Even if placements are possible, the legislature has no will to pay for it.

Moral: The truth is out there...
@63 Thanks for reminding me. Why the fuck is my day delayed by those fucking Blue Angels. Three years in a row I had to leave work to go get my kid from day care because he was freaking out at all the violent noise. Shit, Blue fucking Angels, yachts, football... damn everybody's fuckin' with me man. Little Wayne for President! Ooops. lost it there for a second. Man there are a lot of ways traffic can get delayed...

Let me rephrase:

2pm today, the views off many soon-to-be-impacted commuters were aligned with the protesters agenda

6pm, the net result is a loss in support (maybe they persuade some previously opposed or neutral people, but I'm positive from many of the unfavorable words on my bus that much more support was loss)

All you link tells me is that people like me support(ed) the cause, like me, leading up to the event. However, many committed may change there view, especially since they are not likely responsible for the deteriorating bridge.

This state needs revenue. Unfortunately, the protest did little to turn people onto that idea. Again, right agenda, wrong strategy.
@73 If your views were "aligned with the protesters agenda" then I don't see how getting caught in traffic would change your views unless they were so lightly held as to be mere whims.

I could see how you could form a disagreement with the methods. Hell, call the cops. Do something else. No one is stopping you from going out to engage in other either novel or "tried and true" activities to effect change. You can be letter writing, joining your local political party apparatus, going to administrative hearings and legislative sessions, joining a environmental or economic political organization and lobbying your legislators, etc. etc.

Ordinary eople are responding to and/or joining the OWS movement because they believe those methods have ceased piercing the wall put up by 1% who are consolidating their hold on the nations wealth, a wall between them and the political and economic processes that effect their lives.

We would all like to hear active suggestions for alternative methods, but what we have been doing isn't working. On the other hand, if the status quo isn't bothering you, by all means, do whatever you have been doing up til now. Are you one of the voters I've been warned will turn to Nixon if the hippies get too much camera time (getting beat up by cops)?
This week I received a small royalty check from the University of Washington for my tiny share of a patent. I notice that the University of Washington uses Bank of America for checking. I hope some students can put some pressure on UW to _Move Their Money_ from BofA to a credit union, such as Washington State Employees Credit Union.
divest from wall street
invest in America.
I'm disgusted and terrified by the misguided complaints of those who think the 1-2 hour delay from the Occupy protest was an infringement on their personal liberty. Seriously?

Wall Street has stolen our democracy and their greed has destroyed our economy and left millions of hard working people jobless and homeless, and even more underemployed. They've destroyed the American dream. Corporations have more rights than most people, and pay less taxes. They've hijacked our congress, media, healthcare, science, economic system, and on and on.

Meanwhile, our country's basic infrastructure--yes, including bridges--is literally crumbling. Our planet's environment is in major distress; natural disasters are common-place. For the first time in almost a century, nearly all of today's youth are guaranteed to be worse off when they grow up than their parents are. If they are lucky enough to get a higher education, the cost of it will exceed it's worth. The problems go on and on.

The inconvenience of waiting an hour in traffic (hello, you are from Seattle, right?) is nothing compared to not having healthcare, or an education, or a job, or losing your home to a bank's predatory lending scheme. A few hundred people were brave enough to show up in the cold and rain and fight back. They're fighting for you, for your job, for your democracy, for your home, for your future. Wake up! And if you're still angry, then direct it where it's due.
Excuse our inconvenience. We are changing the world.

Might have helped if Goldy had explained why demonstrators had chosen to occupy bridges in particular across America today - i.e., that spending public money on public infrastructure is the best way to benefit the public, creating jobs & other things that directly benefit society & the economy.

Maybe some would still prefer to whine about a temporary inconvenience on a Thursday evening than recognize they live in a system entirely stacked against them every day. This is a time to choose which side of history we will stand on, & it's sad to see the shortsighted choices many commenters are making here.
I'm sure that all of this will be very effective in creating real change. So I assume all of these actions in a couple of years will show the real fruits of change: more accountability for corporations, an increase in salaries, plentiful jobs and higher education that is assessable to all.

And I am quite sure that blocking traffic on a bridge, that just underwent renovation work btw, will create the necessary legislative action on a state and national level to make things better for the 99%. And if it doesn't then it will provide a clear alternative solution by more "radical" means.

Right? I mean at the end of the day this should be about RESULTS and if it isn't going to produce results then it is nothing but a bunch of attention whores clamoring for their Kim Kardashian moment.
I think *a* problem with the demonstration is that the news coverage doesn't make the reasons behind this action clear. There was a line in this story about infrastructure but it was mostly obfuscated by "F*CK YEAH OCCUPY!!!" rhetoric. The PI's coverage was uninspiring, but the Seattle Times actually drew clear parallels between the symbolism of blocking the bridge, jobs, and the crumbling infrastructure.

Occupy/SEIU/Working WA aren't responsible for the bad coverage, but unless these actions are explained, they just come across as civil disobedience for the sake of civil disobedience. It doesn't help that many of those who have elected to serve as spokespeople don't understand the needs and frustrations of the rest of the 99%, and attack people with real issues like @61 as "so privileged they can't stand a little inconvenience."

Without good messaging, education, and strong outreach, it's easy for the Right to paint the Occupy movement as a bunch of petulant children or domestic terrorists. We need more media coverage of the actions described by @56, and also more self-promotion of the good that's being accomplished because otherwise it's really easy to fall into the MSM messaging that the Occupy movement is both leaderless and rudderless.
@13: Please don't be so surprised. Most sloggers lack the ability to think critically about any given subject.
@19: If you've been paying any bit of attention in the last few months, you would see that each of the publicized actions put on by OS and OWS have only gotten larger and larger turnouts. This movement is growing whether you like it or not.
@30: Like you'd be able to get more than two people who agree with you to do that.
@69: This entire thread shows our success. You are all talking about it, aren't you?
@84: Under 100 people commenting in a blog, several of whom are disagreeing with you, is a different thing than "success." How many more people are cursing you today around water coolers or on the streets with NO IDEA what the goal of this action actually was?
The more "success" OWS enjoys ("success" being defined, by them, as asshole stunts that burden working Americans....) the less support OWS receives in national polls.

See you at the bottom....
COMTE, there's a question for you on today's Morning News thread...
EVERY road in the region was fucked last night. on its own. Occupy barely did shit to add to it. In fact, my commute to NE Seattle was only slightly longer than normal - express lanes i love u.

no one who agrees with OWS that 99% of getting fucked by the finance industry and trickle down economics has changed their mind about that. but as usual, it only takes one inconvenience to scrape off the progressive veneer and reveal the bourgeois scold at seattle's conservative core.
@84 Yeah we ARE talking. About how much we hate YOU. We aren't talking about the core mission of your cause. You squandered that away when you started fucking with the common lives of the very people you claim to represent. The 'dialogue' we are having is that your little 'movement' is a dangerously thuggish quasi terrorist group and it needs to be put down.

I don't know who you THINK you are representing, but I certainly didn't vote for you to represent ME. And if you shriek back that I don't get it, or then I'm not on your side, well, that's fascism dude.

OWS has worn out its welcome here. And if the mayor doesn't have the balls to put you on the ground, then people are going to start going over his head to the governor and get shit done with the national guard. Those of us who work and create, and make seattle the beautiful vibrant place that it is, will NOT stand for it to be held hostage by a reactionary clique of radical thugs.

This is not a revolution. Anybody who calls it a revolution is an idiot. I don't need to go into more detail than that.
58. It was not a well known, advertised event. If people don't know until the last minute, and traffic can't be rerouted because you're blocking a major corridor, it doesn't matter when you decided to do it or what you posted among friends and colleagues.

However, there was no intent by anyone involved to do anything other than obstruct and cripple rush hour traffic, so whether or not they did advertise the event is largely irrelevant. They didn't want commuters at large to know until it was too late, because advance notice would have crippled their intentions.

Anyone who hasn't figured out by now what all this is about isn't going to have things clarified by a "brief explanation" from Goldy...
@91: False. Local media (tv, radio) announced the march (even the exact route) throughout yesterday. There were tweets about it, there were Metro alerts about reroutes, etc. This wasn't some impromptu bridge closure. This is something that the police and media knew about beforehand. The police even had them move it from the Montlake bridge the Univ bridge to minimize troubles. And the police also were the ones who officially corked the bridge and the streets feeding into it.

True, some people don't stay abreast to media or online happenings each day, but there are also people who unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of UW football or Mariners traffic.
To paraphrase Gil Scott Heron: the Revolution will not be convenient.
And here is the fundamental flaw in OWS in particular and HomoLiberal Socialism in general;

Liberals see prosperity as a zero sum game, where the only way they can gain is by taking something from someone else ( usually the "rich"; the rest of the time the taxpayers)

The "rich" are not your problem and their stuff is not the solution to your problem.

The 99% will prosper by creating their own prosperity.
By making more stuff, not by stealing the 1%'s stuff.

Get off your asses , take a bath and earn your own prosperity.

You're making fools of yourselves.....

@64: Just because Occupy will let an ambulance through does not mean that Occupy is endangering public safety, as @61 points out. The University medical center hospitals just north of the bridge count on the bridges being open at all times for patients to get to them. Even by just “inconveniencing” patients on their way to a checkup, your arrogance is not winning any public sympathy. Far from it. Check out the comments on KOMO. In fact, national polls show that over 60% of Americans DO NOT identify with Occupy.

Oh, and another thing. Just how is this going to help the Democrats win back the House of Representatives?
Sure hope it snows this afternoon.. Too bad there's not a Mariners game too!
I support advocacy that produces intended and productive results. I doubt that last night's protest was to alienate supporters of the Occupy movement, and I doubt that the results will actually produce anything more than disputes like we're having on the Slog.

Obviously, it is entirely possible for the core values of supporters to align with the core values of a movement. Unfortunately, I disagree with the strategy used last night.

Also, to attack me or others and question our allegiance to the some political movement... smells like a theocratic witch hunt. You're no better than Republicans calling someone one unpatriotic to silence their opinion, or the fear of being pegged as a communist under Joe McCarthy's hearings half a century ago.

Purist, exclusive attitudes will only create infighting among the 99% and only benefit 1%. We need a better strategy. You will disagree with me, but the Occupy movement needs to infiltrate conventional political avenues through local/state initiatives, get candidates on the ballot and placing them in power.... only then, when someone representing the 99% is in power, can change occur. Occupy movement should continue, but not at the detriment of those they claim to represent.
93. The police assisted because they knew they couldn't stop the protesters from assembling and corking the bridge.

Metro, the media and associated businesses gave no notice of the protest nor any contingencies other than maybe a token half-hearted effort by Metro to re-route. Some of us (myself included) sniffed it out and got out of there before 5pm, but some people for various reasons don't have much of a choice but to deal with the corridors. That's why rush hour traffic is rush hour traffic and why OS and the associated protests decided to blockade a major U District corridor during rush hour... just as they decided to squat in Downtown traffic.

They had no intention of helping commuters yesterday. They knew the majority would get caught in their blockage. That was the intent of the protest.
@96 - "The University medical center hospitals just north of the bridge count on the bridges being open at all times"

Except when the pleasure boats go through, then it's apparently just fine to wait? Holy crap, maybe if you clutch your pearls any harder, they'll turn to diamonds.

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