Peace and solidarity to our marchers today, and double peace for SPD because I know they need it.
I'll admit this movement has grown on me. They should follow through with official filling, documenting, and pursuing legal channels, but I think making the movement actions overtly about police misconduct could be a big derail and mistake. It may end up eating limited resources and bandwidth. The cops are doing a good enough job at making themselves look bad.
This will end well, considering the police wouldn't even release records to KOMO News until KOMO attacked them with lawsuits.
@2 if they're smart, they're angling to use this as legal leverage against the city and/or SPD to angle for a court action of some sort of shackle or leash SPD from using violence against them in some way. But who knows? Other people would argue that the more SPD goes bananas, the better it is for Occupy.
We have a social contract with respect the the protection of rights. So in that regard, theyre entitled to the records. But we also have a mutual responsibility for the wise use of limited community resources. In that regard, the Occupied sre again acting pretty fucking entitled.

Provided we lay-off the equivalent in city social services worker, or trim the arts program that this boondoggle will cost ...fine. Because at the end of the day, in an economy, that's how resource depletion actually works out.

Its kinda like Herman Cain, when you spend more time (or equal amounts) defending your campaign from the sexual harassment shenannigans, then the run for president is basically over.

With Occupy Seattle, they are spending more (or equal amounts) of time attacking the methods the police use and not getting their actual message out. The more they focus on the police, the more the movement fades.
Other people would argue that the more SPD goes bananas, the better it is for Occupy.

@5 Oh. Yes. I think those people may be right.

But I worry that what happens when you organize a bunch aggressive actions specifically about how authorities treated you at other actions you get mired in meta. Plus it eventually splits the movement into a Down With Cops derail.

It's helpful to remember that cops are working stiffs just like the rest of us.
@7, it's easier to complain about being the victim of the SPD than it is to get a message out or actually start to come up with solutions to the larger problems.

But then it IS easy to be the victim of the SPD so they are going for the low hanging fruit.
A march for just a few blocks?
@7 lol. It's being reported worldwide in Australia, Canada (four cities I know of), and in other mass media including BBC, CBC, Bloomberg Europe ...

I think they're getting their message out and you have your head stuck in something.

I hope it's sand ... better not be Santorum.
@8: Have you read any of the police union newsletters that have been posted here over the last year or so? They may be working stiffs like us, but they're also hardcore conservatives. If you think the cops are on the same side of any issue as OWS you're sorely mistaken.
@12 I worked with and around LEOs during my time doing self defense seminars. Also my brother, my wife's extended family, and many friends work in law enforcement. Not to mention a few brushes with the law, myself. I'm pretty familiar with both sides of the culture.

I do not give police misconduct an automatic buy.

Yes. There is that line where we are are one side and the police are on another.

That said we share the same society. A few may be bought and paid for goons. But most are not.

They may not know it but they have far more incentive to side with us than they do with the 1%. The more we alienate the police (or the military) with reductive stereotypes and ill-chosen hostility the more we lose powerful allies.

The granular politics of the institution are less of concern than the general principles of the institution. Sure. Strip away the illusion of integrity where there is corruption. But give them back dignity in return. Appealing to the rational desire for prosperity, honor, accountability and fairness is a better way to go than blindly raming police barricades.

IOW I think Judo is a better metaphor for a constructive tactic in this case than a Bonzai charge.
12: True, but I see that has been slowly changing with the Tea Party/Republican war on unions in general, and public sector unions in particular. Public safety employees are realizing who their friends are...
Its going to be hilarious because when they take the protest to the SPD headquarters, and pull their predictable 'squat in the middle of the road & refuse to move' stunt, all the cops will pour out, arrest them all and wont need to call for backup. Who need a paddy wagon, when you can just drag them 20' into the building.

@15 good thing none of them were in the WTO protests and know how to shut down intersections ...
The use of force has been escalating because their use of acting like dumb fucking fucks has been escalating.

How fantastic that the Occupiers' alleged "March" on police headquarters is a couple thousand feet - downhill.

If there's no better evidence of Occupiers' shiftless lack in ambition: It's a movement that doesn't move, and a 'march' that doesn't (really) break a sweat or go anywhere.


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