“There is one immutable fact about President Obama’s reelection chances: Nobody has a more solid 44 percent base than he does,” Democratic pollster Peter Hart wrote in a not-entirely-uncritical memo assessing the state of political affairs a year out from the election.

...Although African Americans remain the base group most broadly supportive of Obama, liberals and Democrats are very much in his camp as well. In Gallup’s most recent data, Obama’s job approval rating stood at 78 percent among Democrats and 70 percent among liberals.

He has a 95 percent approval rating with black Americans, despite, as is pointed out in this NYT article, the general feeling that he has done little for that part of the voting block. So why the strong support? Is it simply because he is black? A possible answer can be found here:
Mr. Malik, 48, lost his job as a grading and landscape worker a year and a half ago, another victim of the housing bust. Since then, he has been searching for something, anything, to help make ends meet.

Yet, Mr. Malik, who is black, says he has every intention of again voting for President Obama next year. [Why.]
“I don’t blame Obama,” said Mr. Malik, who had never voted before 2008.

This, I think, will prove to be the killer for GOP WH hopes: No one still really blames Obama for this mess.

Now, because they are such good memories, let's recall how Obama won North Caroline...

n North Carolina, where more than one in five residents are black, Mr. Obama scored perhaps his most unlikely victory with the help of what his campaign said were more than 300,000 black voters who went to the polls for the first time. He needed almost all of them, winning the state by fewer than 14,000 votes out of the more than 4 million cast.
300,000! What a joy.