I feel a little weirder shilling Dem-produced videos up here on Slog than I did over at my own blog, but not that much weirder, and besides, they're making a lot of the same arguments I've already made in several of my previous Slog posts.

The point is, Rob McKenna keeps promising to spend billions more on education, which is a good thing, I guess, except he won't tell us how he plans to pay for it, other than diverting money from revenue growth and efficiency savings that simply are not there. Essentially, either McKenna can't do math, or he's hoping we can't.

Think about it. Gov. Chris Gregoire's proposed half cent sales tax increase would raise a little more than half a billion dollars a year, and only stave off some of the proposed further cuts to education. Yet McKenna is proposing spending an additional $5 billion on education, without raising taxes.

No doubt it's smart politics for McKenna to run as the "education governor," but unless he backs it up with actual revenue, it's just plain dishonest.