It's a cocktail advent calendar! Rob Roy (and generally awesome) bartender Andrew Bohrer explains: "The Cocktail Advent Calendar at the Rob Roy is a gift to you, the guest. It will enable you to enjoy the holiday drinks classics that have become taboo for so many reasons: because they are never made well, because you are embarrassed to order them, and because it is morally wrong to order a Spanish coffee. Rob Roy’s bartenders will make a new, likely sweet, libation for each day in December up until Xmas eve. Xmas eve will be Blue Blazer acrobatics." Find each day’s new holiday cocktail and its recipe on Bohrer's blog.

If you purchase 12 of said advent cocktails, the Rob Roy will award you with a $50 gift certificate. Make it down for all 24 and receive a $100 gift certificate (and possibly a cavity, but it will be well worth it). Tonight's drink: The Walnut Old Fashioned.

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