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Is Dave Reichert a horse's ass?
I heart Goldy.
Did anyone see the Chief of the FAA arrested after he was driven to drink by that third world TSA Screening?

I hear it also got Alec Baldwin in trouble.

Seriously, where is Occupy TSA when you need them?
Frank Drebin / Leslie Nielsen, you were so much better than this dimwit brain-damaged idiot that the Eastsider SUV scheisskopfs keep electing. But... Darcy Burner, again? Nooooooooooooooo!
You let a labor union fly you to DC and put you up in a hotel and yet you get all huffy when people don't let you into press conferences because they don't see you as a serious journalist?
Damage to the amygdala can sometimes result in a lack of fear.
You rock, excellent action and reporting. Did you sit on Lincoln's lap?
Goldie fancies himself a journalist
but we all know he is a cheap whore
I wonder how many of those people are in his district, we all know Goldy isnt.
Poor Reichert. He always looks so confused.

Did they ask him why he held back on voting for middle class tax cuts until the wealthy got theirs (two years ago)?

Did you ask if he voted for the new first-to-patent law change?
It was a smart move for Reichert to meet with the union protesters. I'm sure he didn't change any of their minds or even seriously address any of their questions but it will play well in the Seattle Times editorial pages.

You made a mistake going by Paul Ryan's office. Leadership never works out of their Congressional district offices. You should have swung by the office of the Budget Committee or the house gym.
Guess what I did today instead of demanding that government give me jobs and money? I worked for 12 hours to get the small company that I'm bootstrapping off the ground.
Thanks for the report Goldy - but where's the video? We, who live in Mr Reichert's district, want to know what he actually had to say! You were outraged by having to make an appointment to make an appointment, but this article didn't even have the premise be an article reporting what Reichert said. Just an article that you visited (yawn). (PS - No, i'm not a republican plant, trying to diss your column. Just asking you to report on the substance - yes I know that might be a tall order, given the subject matter).

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