Telegraphing what may be the Christian right's well-heeled onslaught to defeat gay marriage next year, a national group has begin organizing efforts to train anti-gay activists in Washington State. A political advocacy wing of Focus on the Family, Colorado-based Citizen Link blasted an email today that calls on state residents to lobby their legislators and attend 13 training meetings over the next two weeks.

"Together, we can stop same-sex marriage from being legalized in Washington State," declares the email, which also promotes the Citizen Link state affiliate, Family Policy Institute of Washington.

At the meetings, the chief subject of discussion will be: "What the potential impact of this legislation if it passes," which implies the sort of hackneyed, unsubstantiated beliefs that gay marriage will require elementary curriculum designed to turn kids gay, spontaneously fracture thriving gent-and-lady marriages, and dissolve churchgoing American society into a nonstop orgy. They'll also cover their statewide strategy and give activist their marching orders, the email says.

Want to attend the meetings yourself? The schedule is right here. There's even one tonight in Federal Way.

Back in September, I outlined how national anti-gay organizations would likely deliver their organizing prowess and spending power to defeat gay marriage in Washington State. Since then, Democrats in the the legislature and a nascent coalition of activists calling itself Washington United for Marriage announced their strategy to pass a full-scale-gay marriage bill (they're also girded for Christian groups put gay marriage on the ballot and to pursue a ballot fight). Those progressives recently held about a dozen of their own meetings in suburban districts.

It's worth noting that even when the stakes were simply domestic partnerships in 2009, Focus on the Family's PAC casually tossed $92,000 to defeat Referendum 71 using an independent expenditure campaign. When the bar is marriage, as I pressed back in September, expect a full-throttle campaign to smother gay rights.