1! Well, whatever lifts their luggage, I guess, but what kinda self-respectin' couple would want that guy's sperm..?
OMG. Even In my wildest, alcohol-fueled dreams, I couldn't make shit like this up.
You can make a living doing that?
I just did a cursory google search to see if these folks are Good Christians -- I didn't see anything that led me to believe they are far far right.

Not every Republican is cut from the same cloth. His wife seems to be involved in a pretty cool children's charity.

Might want to be careful about assuming this guy is in the same camp as a Pat Robertson or a Jerry Falwell.

A more extensive search might uncover something. All I know is that he was barred from speaking to the local GOP group because he claimed the Alabama governor was using his position to enrich his family.
I take it back. Let the bashing continue.…

Christian Coalition Gubernatorial Forum – 8/24/09

Bill Johnson is next and declares up front that he is anti-abortion and anti-gay. This gets the biggest applause of the night so far.
@1 New Zealand women who could never in their wildest dreams imagine that the guy working on earthquake relief was actually a conservative American using an alias so he could be a sperm donor without his wife finding out.

This isn't quite the same as other scandals, because he does not appear to be gay nor is his motivation specifically related to gays. He seemed to consider it really important to have biological children, and he couldn't do that with his wife for medical reasons. Yes there is hypocrisy in that he was helping lesbians when campaigning against them, but for my money it's far worse that he was off having biological children without telling his wife. Women who are infertile often suffer emotionally from feelings of inadequacy. I can't imagine the kind of blow it is to find out that your jackass husband decided to go behind your back having kiddies and further planned to move you to New Zealand so he could be around the babies you were given no say in the creation of.

I doubt she's the kind to listen to Dan, but I hope she DTMFA.
There's actually a Christian cult movement - linked to Vision Forum homeschooling, Michael Pearl child-beating and Quiverfull - that has chosen New Zealand as the place they will create a Christian theocracy by populating it with Christian babies.

This guy might be influenced by them.,72…
Wait. Wait a sec... Sperm donor?

Whatever he's doing, he's doing without a fertility clinic being involved. "Meeting" with the women himself? What exactly is going on here? The article includes the word "impregnation," and nothing about turkey basters, liquid nitrogen, or any of the other words I associate with the clinical phrase "sperm donor."

Curious, and prurient, minds want to know.
@8, some lesbian couples go the 'private donor' route. A couple I know has a guy come over every month. They have the implantation gear (syringe? eye dropper? dunno) there at home. He does his thing in the other room, into a cup, then leaves. No sex involved.
Well, it's handy when the Leads Just Write Themselves,
especially when you are an illiterate ignorant credulous hack.
Too bad the fucking posts don't research and write themselves as well.....

Yeah, I know I know.. *Really* an angel told those jesus-lovin' lesbos to BEG and BEG that good christian man to share his sacred seed with them!

Fuck off troll. I will eat you.
Does this guy already have a child? In a campaign video, he introduces a young woman at the end as his daughter, if I heard correctly.

Bill and Kathy Johnson's website says that they have three children.

They are the proud parents of 3 children: Kaleigh Flatt (and son-in-law, Jeremy), Kaleb and Hayley.

@8, I was wondering the same thing. New Zeland's law's may be different than ours but the article did indicate that the sperm banks don't really approve of his methods, or at least the quantity of children he was trying to create. It was unclear whether he was doing this the "old fashioned" way. I imagine the lesbian couples he was helping probably didn't know that he had just come from the USA fresh from campaigning against lesbian rights.

@7, They're going to have a hard time invading New Zeland. It's not exactly a conservative Christian utopia now. They'll have to spew out a lot of babies to make a majority there.
Aha, the story from the New Zealand paper identifies the children as being from Kathy's former relationship.
Professional monkey adds a certain charm to any resume.

That makes about as much sense as any other explanation: clearly he's hoping if'n he implants enough of his righteous Christian seed into the fertile wombs of these Godless New Zealand lesbians, that the fruit of his loins will grow up to be righteous, God-fearing heterosexuals just like himself, thus paving the way for this Christian Utopia.
Actually, I think the primary reason he was making his sperm available ONLY to lesbian couples is that he was looking forward to acting as the babies' daddy after birth, something he'd not be able to do if he were offering his ... er ... donation to a traditional M/F couple. I also wonder if these women knew in advance that he'd want to be involved in the children's lives as a co-parent. Messy, very messy.
Huh. Well that's a whole new way to be a hypocritical douche.
...That horrifying moment when you realize that one of the following has occured:

A) The father for your child is a bigoted jerk.


B) The sperm of a bigoted jerk was in your uterus for nine months.


C) Your father is a bigoted jerk.

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