Mitt Romney:

Because every child deserves a mother and a father, we step forward by recognizing that marriage is between a man and a woman.


Fiedler walked out of her home and saw her next-door neighbor Sara McMeen standing over a baby on the ground. “I asked her, ‘Is everything all right?’” Fiedler recalled Saturday. “She said: ‘No, everything is not all right.’” Then McMeen did the unthinkable, Fiedler said. “She put the gun to the baby and she shot it.” Those chilling details echoed through the quiet streets of a rural community 90 miles southwest of Chicago that woke up Saturday still grappling with the aftermath of what police said was a murder-suicide the day before that left five people dead. McMeen, 30, was killed. So was her boyfriend, Daniel Warren, 29, and their daughter Maggie Warren, 10 months. McMeen’s other two children Skyler Lemke, 8, and Ian Lemke, 7, were also dead, according to Livingston County Coroner Michael Burke.