UPDATE: And it's over. It began and ended with some nice Gingrich-on-Romney sniping, but the center of the debate was more of the same. Rick Santorum managed to keep from frothing at the mouth about gays too much, which is a victory for him, because his hatred is off-putting to moderate New Hampshire Republicans. Ron Paul was....as Ron Paul as Ron Paul always is. Huntsman didn't knock anything out of the park, and Rick Perry remembered three things in a row, so he's probably expecting to get a medal once he gets off-stage.

Summary: I don't think this debate changed any New Hampshire voters' minds.

ORIGINAL POST: Apparently so! It starts at 6 am Seattle time and you can allegedly find live video of it right here. Last night's debate was boring, with none of the candidates willing to attack Mitt Romney and all of the candidates willing to attack Ron Paul. Maybe in the harsh light of morning, things will be different, somehow? I'll be in the box below, struggling to stay awake. If you're got insomnia (or, better yet, if you're still drunk from Saturday night) you should join me.