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Yeah, he's the talk of the town all right. He was a quarterback at Florida. Evidently, he's having a sensational year.
Sorry, Dan, he's a Jesus freak.
Two words: Girl. Friend.
He's the jesus freak who did the commercial for the anti-gay hate group (which one exactly I can't remember, the one headed by the fat white people) against a woman's right to an abortion. He is of the "protests too much" self hating 'mo tribe. Someday he'll be caught bent over in a park bathroom getting reamed out by a hot male cop and his wife will stand by him at the press conference when he denies all involvement.
Tim gay? I don't think so. Religious? Over-the-top. Hot? You betcha. I've been watching Tim since he was playing at U of F. He's a lot more muscular now. The "I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ" is too much for me.
wow, you beat me to it Jersey...
I would actually pull a Tebow for that to be true... Partially because of the poetic justice for all the conservative BS he's constantly supporting, and partially because I would hate-fuck that. I admit it.
Awwww, all of you people who assume he can't be gay because he's super religious and has a girlfriend are so niave it's precious. Know who else was super religious and had a woman by his side..? Every self-hating homo ever.
I hear a mighty whooshing.
@4 Honestly, I don't see Tebow as a hate guy.

In some ways, I think he is the worst kind of misogynist and bigot, in that he is an authentic and caring guy who was raised in the kind of Jack Trick cult that send missionaries out to convert Catholics to Christianity.

Given his success and wealth, I doubt he'll ever have the type of epiphany that would bring him to examine his beliefs and have to reconsider some of the more odious ones.
That's Tim Tebow?? Yet another gay one.
@ 4, that was Focus on the Family.

Oh well. Find me a pro athlete who isn't completely backwards when it comes to any non-sports opinions they hold.
@12, there's lots of them. They just don't very often make headlines.
@ 12:
"Monson is considered to be one of the world's top submission grapplers. He is a multiple event winner at NAGA, Grapplers Quest and FILA, among other submission tournaments. [...]
Monson is known for his anarchist views and affiliations. In an interview, he explained, "I am an anarchist, someone who would like to do away with all class hierarchy in society and the institutions that promote this inequality." [4] He correspondingly receives sponsorship from AK Press and has several anarchist symbols tattooed on his body. In solidarity, Monson is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies).[5]

Monson has a Bachelor's degree and a Master's Degree in psychology. For a few years he worked as a mental health professional, both in a crisis evaluation role as well as a child/family counselor."


"Oleguer is an economics graduate who missed training with Barcelona to complete his finals. On 30 March 2006, he published his first book with recollections on his youth, early career and the league triumph of 2004–05 (and the subsequent street parade through the Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona). The book, called Camí d'Itaca (The Road to Ithaca), dealt with such varied subjects as childhood anorexia, the antifascist struggle and the previous Spanish government's involvement in both Gulf Wars, also addressing the player's love of tennis.

Though injured just before the end of the 2005–06 season in a Champions League match and forced to miss the league-winning match against Celta de Vigo, Oleguer was able to return to the pitch to play in the next match at the Camp Nou when the trophy was presented to the team. True to form, Oleguer celebrated wrapped in the colors of the senyera estelada, the Catalan Independist flag.

He has sympathies with left wing and Catalan nationalist causes and was asked by Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatistas to play a charity match in Chiapas, Mexico during the summer of 2005. Later that year, he was invited to take part in a meeting of shortlisted players for the Spanish national squad, an invitation that he accepted.

On 7 February 2007, in an article written for Basque language newspaper Berria, Oleguer questioned the validity and independence of legal and judicial processes in the Spanish state, using the example of convicted ETA member Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos and his hunger strike to question those processes. His decision to write the article brought veiled criticism at Barcelona, both from coach Rijkaard and President Joan Laporta, as well as earning him disrespectful remarks from fellow professional Salva Ballesta.[8]

As a direct result of the article, Oleguer lost his boot sponsorship with sports firm Kelme,[9] and he subsequently signed for Diadora. Oleguer has been the subject of a strong public backlash among some elements in Spain and is regularly heckled and booed in some of the country's football stadiums due to the article and his pro-Catalan independence stance. When asked about whether he felt that he should not have written the piece, he replied, "The consequences I suffer are nothing compared to what many people go through. What did sadden me, though, was that most people didn't actually read the piece. If people engaged in dialogue with intelligence and still disagreed, then fine, but they didn't."…

want me to get you some more? :-)
@12 -- Senator Bill Bradley, for example. There are many others. But I'll admit that the more politically outspoken pro-athletes tend to be culturally "conservative" (even if their own personal behavior doesn't always measure up).
@15--I remember prostesting against Bill Bradley back when he had some very conservative positions on US military involvement in Central America.
@12 My favorite pro-football player is Scott Fujita. He's outspoken about adoption (he's adopted), gay rights and abortion rights. In addition to other charities. He's known as an all-around good guy and family man. In addition to being a pretty decent ball player. Here's a list of charities he supports:

Another favorite of mine (though he's very religious) is Troy Polamalu. He does a lot of charity work. Is known around Pittsburgh as being a wonderful guy and loving family man. He's soft spoken off the field, shunning the limelight. During the lockout he went back to USC and finished his undergraduate degree. He obviously didn't need a history degree to get anywhere in life; dude's filthy rich. Polamalu did it because he thought it important for other reasons.

There are plenty of decent humans who happen to play pro-sports. A lot of them are just quiet about it. Or don't get a lot of media coverage for not getting arrested. I can more easily rattle off a list of players who've been in legal trouble for drugs, theft, rape, murder, and dog-fighting. Those things grab headlines. Quietly giving to charity, not so much. But if you look for the good guys you'll find them.
What gets me is that the Christians should be all over this guy. He markets himself by "praying" everytime he makes a touchdown (Tebowing.) First, this is using God to promote himself rather than the other way around. (Well, of course a lot of "Christians" do that!) Second, he is trivializing God. All the problems that exist in the world that God can't be bothered to solve, all the prayers God can't answer, and yet God takes the time and effort to intervene in a lousy game??? That sounds like one messed up god to me. And what about the times that Mr. Tebow loses? Aren't those evidence that God doesn't exist? I mean, if God like Tebow so much, why doesn't he always win? I can respect religious people--but not people who think God is their own personal servant.
Can't believe I'm defending Tebow...

My gaydar was on red alert going all the way back to his sophomore year at Florida. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he's still so young that he hasnt fully dialed into his own sexuality.

This clip looks like a rare unguarded moment where he's so worked up he forgets to butch it up.

For as much as I loathe the sanctimonious religion bullshit, I have a lot of sympathy for him. He still needs to learn to be his own man. And if he ever does come to healthy terms with being gay, can you imagine the backlash from all his fundy constituencies? All while very much in the public eye and trying to get yourself established as an NFL quarterback.

I'm not a fan -- yet. But I feel sorry for him.
if watching 30 seconds of tebow can convince you he's gay.. well joel osteen's comin to town. 2 hours in that crowd and your head would do one of these numbers...…
@12 And, though I personally think he's a giant douche, Sean Avery is proving himself to be a champion of gay rights. He's the only NHL player to record a PSA for marriage equality. And he blasted the Rangers, his team, and the NHL for not doing more to promote equality.

As I said in my previous comment: look for the good guys and you'll find 'em.
Tebow likes his men just like his coffee--strong and black.

Can any str8 sloggers weigh in on whether they'd kiss another man on the mouth during a game?…

And while he is anti-abortion--apparently his mother's doctor recommended that she have an abortion and she refused, which is why he's here today--he's never said a single word about the gheyz.
@ 18,

Ha, that reminds me of that old Onion headline:

"As requested, God damns the Minnesota Vikings."
Marcus Bachmann is not impressed.
That child looks like he's on speed, to me. Plus, totally gay. Yes, the gaydar is going bing bing bing bing bing. Touch him with a ten-foot pole? Not on your life. Dan, sweetie, he's all yours. "Slightly" swishy, did you say? Uh huh.
There is something very unsavory about judging a persons sexual orientation purely by the way he... l... aw, who am I kidding that guy is completely gay.
He's gay. He and Alex Rodriguez would make a great couple.
Actually, he seems to travel the world in the offseason to get up close with penises! (but looking more closely at the details, this could always be more of an interested-in-young-boys thing instead of a gay thing)
Giant closet case!
@28. Tebow was born in the Philippines because his parents are Christian missionaries. He returns there during the off-season to help them with the orphanage that they run. You're a dick to try to paint him as a pedophile because of that.
Did he actually go :29 without invoking his LORD and Savior?
Alright, after watching that I'm feeling sorry for him too. He's so obviously totally-to-the-core a 'mo. Maybe jesus will tell him its ok and he can come out someday before embarrasing himself and fucking up some poor woman's life by fake-marrying her.
26 - that was awesome
As a Denverite, I probably should feel dirty about saying this, but Big Ben Rothlisberger is way hotter than Tebow on his best day.
@34 If you've got a thing for stupid, ugly, born-again so that the masses don't kill you, rapists then I guess Ben is hotter than Tebow.
Admittedly, he does ping the gaydar, but on the other hand, a lot of homeschooled straight boys I know come across as slightly effeminate, so who knows.
He's also famous for being a virgin. It reminds me a bit of a well known Savage Love column where various people wrote in asking if there spouses (cross-dressers and other mildly effeminate behaviours) were actual gay. Dan said they were not - then published a letter from a woman insisting her fiance - who had not laid a finger on her and was saving himself for marriage - was actually straight despite the protests of her gay uncle.

I hate the Jesus freak stuff but I do have a soft spot for gay kids who grow up in deeply religious homes. I can understand why they try so hard to pray to the bearded baby to 'cure' themselves of this 'affliction'.

Between being the poster boy for all the evangelicals and at the same time being in the extremely homophobic environment of an NFL lockeroom - if he was gay there must be an enormous amount of pressure for him to stay in the closet.

A guy like him coming out - possibly more than any other person on the planet - would be historic.
Do dumb, so pretty. Sigh...
@36 That's the answer. The guy was never allowed to be around girls, or anyone that he wasn't trying to "save", so he just doesn't know how to project masculinity.
If you homeschool your kids, don't be surprised if they have no social skills.
Straight men do NOT wear cap-sleeve t-shirts.
the anti-gay hate group (which one exactly I can't remember, the one headed by the fat white people)

Well that narrows it down.
He's the losing QB of this week's Denver vs New England game.

@41--I have to say, I had no idea what cap sleeves were. I may be less fashionally aware/concerned than the average straight male, however.
Gay NFL quarterbacks are not all that uncommon, actually:
#30: you are an even bigger dick not to know that part of Tebow's contributions is mutilating the penises of young boys. e.g.,…

he's certainly interested in the penises of young boys, whether that makes him a pedophile . . . well, you're the one who said that. I think it makes him a butcher. Wouldn't it be more helpful to dig wells or build a library or teach them boys how to make a wobbly pass to a wide receiver?
Thanks to Moosefan and the others. Sorry, I wasn't being literal - I knew about Sean Avery, and of course figured there are others. Athletes in general keep their mouths shut so as not to be too controversial.

My point about Tebow is that his religion and opinions are not unique among athletes and haven't been for a long time. Christians praying on the field and thanking God for victories have been highly visible for a long time. Tebow's profile is raised by the fact that he was a HUGE college star who took it one step further (with the bible quotes in eyeblack, now prohibited by the NCAA's "Tebow rule") and became a folk hero to persecution-complex hard right cons even before he went pro. Combined with his unconventional playing style, his name is now a household word and he's a cultural phenomenon.

My snippy little remark was easier to write than all this. (Smiley emoticon)
@35 Well, I'm mostly talking about appearances and how good he'd probably be in bed. He wouldn't be my choice for a LTR, but would probably make for a lot of fun in a one night stand.

And ugly's in the eye of the beholder in any case. From your response, I'd guess you'd probably find me ugly too. Personally, I think he's damn good looking.
Ah, this makes sense now! Before this I've not seen Tebow talk (or gesture). An ultra religious attitude is an acceptable way for a guy, a closeted gay guy, to not pursue women in such a hetero environment. He's gay. Confused, I'm certain of it, but he's gay.
@48, As a female the idea of Ben having any access at all to sex or contemplating him and sex in any form makes me ill.

As for ugly being in the eye of the beholder: well, yes and no. Science says that people are drawn to symmetrical features. Symmetrical features are appealing to all. It's why certain celebs are universally considered good-looking (think Denzel Washington and Halle Berry. Both have highly symmetrical faces.). That being said, I happen to think Russell Crowe is insanely attractive. So, I can understand why you find some appeal in Ben's looks even if I don't see it myself.
Least Ben doesn't have the ol' Herp scar on his lip...
Whoa. I've never actually seen Tim Tebow talk before (because I give a fuck about neither football nor god-botherers), but holy shit, is that guy nellie (not that that's a bad thing*). Even if you took away the hand gestures and the lisp, the prosody of his voice alone would be suspect. Damn. He is *flaming*.

*And now I have one more thing to be grateful to Dan Savage for: "I've always been attracted to slightly swishy guys with a little bit of muscle. " Hey, me too! It's nice to get affirmation.
I just watched that again, and I have the distinct feeling that this is one of those internet jokes that I'm failing to get.

This is not real, right?

Somebody be nice and tell me the score.
Just wow. I know flamers who don't sizzle as much as Tim did in the beginning of that clip. He forgot to use his straight voice.
When compared to any professional athlete, I've never thought of myself as masculine.....until now. Never mind that I have a B.F.A. in Theatre! Hopefully this poor (not in the literal sense) young man will come to terms with his not so secretly hidden sexuality. It takes huge balls to play in the NFL but it takes a brass set to accept one's self & come out to the world.
Is THIS a sign?
His name is Matthew His jersey number is 1:6-8. He is an Amurkkan Chrsssstian,

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