That picture looks like it was taken in the 90s.
Admission to the wingnut welfare train isn't free and you don't get a permanent pass. Palin is the designated stooge on this issue. To determine why (and why her), you'd need to check the frankincense-filled rooms of evangelical wing's kingmakers. My guess? It was determined she had the best chance of making the issue move Mitten's numbers.
Can you say "security"? Jebus.
Mitt Romney blowing off a dying MS/cancer patient trying to ask him a question:…
the palin thing is priceless.
the shoe thing looks fake.

Real man of the people, Mittens is.
@5 you are partially right. This is how the wealthy get a security check at the airport:…
Palin's been out of the limelight for a whole six months. It's been killing her She's desperate for people to pay attention to her again, and this is the only way she knows how.
Mitt threatened a church member with excommunication if she did not put her baby up for adoption:…

Mitt getting his shoes shined on the tarmac of an airport in an ornate wooden chair in front of his private jet:

The chickens from a life of being an asshole are coming home to roost in FORCE.
Ann Romney, who has MS, could work to change his mind on medical marijuana after he gets the nomination.
Come on guys, this is exactly the current Republican image. He worked harder than you, or at least made more money than you, and is therefore the smartest/best candidate and we would do well to elect such a rich man to the White House.

"And why is Sarah Palin suddenly demanding that Mitt Romney release his tax returns and prove that he created a hundred thousand jobs? When did she ever give a damn? I am so confused."

Desperation to stay in the limelight > consistency.
@9 jesus dude, you are quick. And wrong.
@14, ok, what am I wrong about?
As per NPR, he's not getting his shoes shines, but actually being wanded in a security check. NPR isn't Fox News so I wouldn't particularly think they are simply carrying water for Mittens, and it does look more like a wand than a brush.

So no dice for this one, though I'll admit when I was being crowded through airport security this morning, having relinquished my shoes, coat, toiletries, laptop and luggage each in separate trays which I pushed, barefoot, into the machine, it would have been nice to have a cushioned chair to lounge in instead.
@15: Image captions are a pretty poor argument as compared to all the other, far more legitimate complaints we've got for Mittens. Leave the macros to conservatives and the idiots at HuffPo to chortle over.
@18 nine times out of ten I'd agree with you, but I honestly am beginning to think every brick in the disinformation wall or the propaganda wall spread out if seen by a few people more than saw it a moment ago help. They're sharks on the red side. Let's chum the water.

(That said, I only saw it was a whored up caption after I replied to you)
@10 Whether he changes his mind or not, he'd never come out for it during the campaign. Most of the Republican electorate already worries that he's not conservative enough.
@19: Right, but we've always got so much red meat already, emotional appeals like this are so subjective and unnecessary, I think we're better off just avoiding them entirely, let alone the idiots who willfully manipulate context and the direct image to unnecessarily stomp a point through the ground. It also gives me flashbacks of every shady conservative email and information is more valuable to me :)
@20: Conservatism and being in favor of medical marijuana (and/or legalization) are not incompatible with each other.
@22: Being an "electable" conservative and drug legalization is incompatible.
She's working on 17 minutes which is about two minutes over what she was allowed.
re Willard and legalizing pot. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. EVER.
You forget what will trump any personal or family need for pot, medical or recreational... The prison lobby. Privatized prison companies loves them some drug war and all the people it locks up. The GOP loves having a huge number of teh poor who can't vote. Any idea that any GOP candidate is ever any kind of secret prohibition ender is ludicrous.
@25: Not that they don't also hold sway over the Dems, obviously.
@25 Not to mention the simple fact that politicians have no. stake. in. the. game. what. so. ever.
Seriously, Willard himself could blaze an amount of herb that would put Wiz Khalifa to shame and it wouldn't matter because he, like most elected officials, are a.) rich and b.) white. And as we all know, drugs are for poor black people. On the off chance some corporate fuckhead gets caught with a joint coming home from a Jimmy Buffet concert, you can rest assured he'll be back raiding your pension come Monday without breaking a sweat.

And that's just weed, never mind prescriptions, (hey there, Rush) or coke which is by its very nature off limits to anyone without an MBA.

@26 I would marry you if you weren't decomposing, also haven't decided if I like the new pic.

If you really want feel fine,
Get your shoes shined.…
Thats not a shoe shine!! Folks! Its a TSA agent using a hand held metal detector wand!!

YOU SEE WHAT YOU WANT TOO.. I have to say it makes no difference how many people in this country get the Mit
@26, True, but it's more likely that you'll see a more pragmatic approach from a Democrat. The Dems still need to represent at least some of their base to get the votes whereas the R's need to placate their lobbyists and corporate contributors. It also doesn't do any good for an R to be perceived as "soft on crime" or "hug a thug" or any of the other bullshit catchphrases that keep them from living in reality or doing any real good for society.

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