Whew. I rather feared they were going to find a spokesperson with some sort of savvy. This guy stands no chance against us. As Liz Lemon put it on last night's 30 Rock, "the gay community is the most organized of all the communities - they make the Japanese look like the Greeks".
Maybe you guys can organize a debate with the official opponent of gay marriage in Washington state? Say, at Town Hall?
@ gus- let’s not pat ourselves on the back just yet. First we need one more vote in the Senate… Make sure to have people contact their legislators, particularly in the undecided districts.

These folks will be able to gather the signatures they need very quickly, and raise loads of money. Remember we are trying to change the definition of marriage as it has stood from the beginning of time. The very rock upon which all of civilization not to mention ‘Merica is based. ;-)

We need to make sure that everyone person we know is registered to vote, and understands why this is so important to protect all of Washington’s families.

We need to donate time and money to Washington United for Marriage.

End of screed… for now…
None of Hutcherson's bios that I can find online state that he actually has a doctorate in religious studies, or anything else. His Antioch church bio says he "studied" at Westminster College in Bellevue and "left" because of some disagreemnt. So what's up with the "Dr"?
@3, you are absolutely right to chastise me while also proving my point. Win-win!
@4: There are countless thousands of Christian diploma mills in the United States where one may purchase false credentials.

That is why he is calling himself a "Doctor".
Oh, they accidentally sent their reply to me. Here it is in full.

"Dear Eli,

Thank you for your interest in our organization. To answer your question, the nature of our organization is hateful and irrational.

Thank you,
Ken Hutcherson's assistant"
Hrm, apparently according to his claims, his Doctorate is "honorary" from "Theological Seminary", Portland, OR.

He didn't even pay enough for full diploma mill credentials :D

All he's got is a BA from Livingston University.

"Faith Seminary - Salem, formerly Oregon Theological Seminary (Oregon’s Office of Degree Authorization lists this institution as unaccredited religious exempt school)[57]"

I wonder if this was it?…

24-hour Total (estimate) $3,650 x 3 quarters = $10,950

So he paid $11k, now he's a "doctor".
Stand for Marriage Coalition. Heh. Pastor Hutch sure does stand for marriage. When Rush Limbaugh got married for the fourth time, Pastor Hutch officiated.
Bring It.
I'm so glad this good Christian has time to devote to fighting marriage equality after helping feed all the poor and needy people around the world. I mean, he *is* doing that, right?
@13: He's saving their everlasting *souls*, their shriveled bodies will rot away one day anyway, their souls are foreverrrrr.
They couldn't have picked a more brave, outspoken individual, unafraid to voice and defend his opinion in a publ--wait, no...
Dr. Hutcherson ... said, “This process by legislators to legalize same sex marriage will not be as easy as they think it will be.”

He's right. It will be easier than they think it will be with Dr. H manning the helm of intolerance.
It's funny that they are being heckled on their own FB page
6/7 Thanks, so his credentials are as false as his witness,
I was in the middle of reading the scientific reaming SFMW was getting on their page when they hid all comments. More tyranny and close-mindedness from the left, one assumes.
Here are three of Pastor Ron Hutcherson's main credentials: The love of Christ, the Word of Truth and the courage to stand.

As a preacher and one who has been touched by the gay community, I cannot say I agree with gay marriage. Why? Because God's original plan for marriage is still valid for today (Gen. 1:18-25; 1 Cor. 7:1-5). However, I do understand that God condemned man with a gay nature (Romans 1:26.-27) and with that fallen nature they yield to the sexual cravings and then give in by getting married. But in that same Roman’s text a few chapters later Paul said that if they believe on the Lord Jesus they shall be saved (Romans 10:9-10). Thus, God did make a way out from under the condemnation of one being a homosexual, Jesus is the way out. Those who choose Jesus do not have to live as gays, or marry gay.
Kevin Ernst Duclairon
Church Planter and Preacher

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