After Saturday's drubbing, Mitt Romney looks way less electable than he did a week ago. And when your primary selling point as a candidate is electability, you're in trouble when that electability is called into question. Florida polling is surging toward Gingrich. Romney bottomed out on InTrade earlier this morning*, though his stock is picking back up again.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign is in full destroy-the-Newt mode. Here's their new Florida ad. Note that this isn't coming from a Romney SuperPAC. It's directly from the Mitt Romney campaign, which is a shift from the way they've been running so far:

The Romney campaign is trying to turn on a dime right now, and that's never pretty with huge, professional campaigns like the one Romney's running—when you go from a lofty campaign against Barack Obama to a down-and-dirty one against Newt Gingrich, that kind of a gear-shift is going to cause whiplash. There could be some monumental gaffes coming in the next day or so. Meanwhile, this is my favorite Twitter post of the day so far:


* A few words on InTrade: I don't understand when it became acceptable for TV pundits to refer to InTrade like the traders know what they're doing. It's solely a reactive thermometer, not a predictive one. Traders don't have any inside knowledge of the campaigns—hell, I'd be willing to bet most of the traders don't have any experience following a presidential campaign. All InTrade does, is serve as a mirror to the way the media is covering a candidate. So when the media starts reporting on InTrade like it's news, the media is basically just reporting on itself. Which is one of the media's favorite things to do.