Actually, the story was broken -- as is most political news in Nevada -- by the great Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun.
How sad for Romney that as rich as he is there is someone richer. Might make some establishment Republicans reconsider their cheer leading for the Citizens United decision.

And, @ Joel Connelly, I'd go so far as to say ALL political news in Nevada is first reported by Jon Ralston, he's spectacular.
I'm glad attack ads don't air on Hulu ... yet. A couple weeks ago I went watch a video on komo news or some other local news source, there was one of those ads before I could view my content, oh god.
That's horrifying on so many levels. In the least, that it's even legal, and that there's are people rich enough to just toss it out there like they're throwing down a $20 bet. What fuckers.
Hey, Paul Constant: Remember this from last May?
How Long Will Newt Stay in the Race?
Did Joel Connelly just leave a comment on Slog?
Well $5 million is a lot of money, but it won't go as far in Florida as it did in SC.
I've got $5 in my pocket. Who wants to be MY Fucking president?
Fuck the whole lot of those filthy fucking assholes. Goddamnit, would the world just end already!!!!!!!
"About to tip over"? How will we tell?
5 meeeeeelllllllyyyyoooonnnn doll lars.
@5: I find it absolutely fascinating that someone so hated by all could stay on through the power of sheer narcissism. But hey, conservatives respect narcissism. He may not be charismatic, he may be disloyal to all he encounters (family and country), he may make very little sense and regurgitate platitudes in lieu of actual ideas and ability to execute, but by GOD he sounds confident in whatever dumb shit comes out of his mouth.

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